Kevin Kane

Kevin Kane, Director, Organizing Co-op Incubator (B.A. Marquette University, M.S.A.E., Marquette University). Kevin is an organizing entrepreneur, who in his years at Citizen Action has pioneered in the development of new strategies combining digital communication and relational organizing to found Citizen Action’s “Organizing Cooperative.” Kevin joined Citizen Action in 2011 as the Healthcare Organizer, became Organizing Director in 2015 and in 2018 became the director of the newly launched Organizing Co-op Incubator. Kevin was awarded the “Advocate of the Year” in 2012 by HealthWatch Wisconsin, the “2013 Friend of the Family Farmer” award by the Wisconsin Farmers Union, and the 2017 “Community Healthcare Champion of the Year” award by the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals. In 2014, Kevin spearheaded the largest concurrent grassroots referendum campaign in Wisconsin history on Medicaid/BadgerCare, with over 1 million Wisconsinites voted, showing super-majority support. Kevin is also an economist, authored a series of reports on health care and economic policy issues. Prior to joining Citizen Action, Kevin was a founding board member of the Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative which provides affordable health coverage to over 50,000 members. He is a former AmeriCorps VISTA, Fellow at the Center for Progressive Leadership, and health insurance broker. Kevin’s commitment to health reform stems from his work on Capitol Hill during the healthcare debate and his personal experience of being protected by the Affordable Care Act. Kevin grew up in Palatine, IL, and has lived his entire adult life in Milwaukee.

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