Vote Kathy Hinkfuss for State Assembly District 4

KATHY HINKFUSS will bring people together during the COVID-19 pandemic to build a future where everybody who works for a living can earn a good living while healing the damage to our climate.

Everyone, whether they’re Black, white or brown, wants to live in a safe, healthy and sustainable community. We count on each other to ensure we have the care and support we need. But for too long, CEOs and the politicians they support use race to divide us while making profits in ways that undermine economic opportunity and the quality of life for everyone.

During the Great Depression, Wisconsinites came together to support a New Deal that delivered much needed care, support, and resources. We can do it again but this time include everyone.

KATHY HINKFUSS will work to deliver good jobs in clean industries for working families struggling with the impacts of this pandemic. Kathy believes we can do it in a way that also builds the sustainable green economy we need to guarantee a healthy future for generations to come.

KATHY HINKFUSS will govern for all of us, not just the wealthy and well connected. When we come together as voters and elect leaders like Kathy we can start making improvements so Wisconsin is a place where we join across racial differences to promote fairness, freedom, and prosperity for everyone, no exceptions.

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Be a voter! Vote early or Tuesday, November 3!
Vote Kathy Hinkfuss for State Assembly District 4.

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