Citizen Action Weekly; Memorial Weekend

Friday, May 28th

Citizen Action debuts new podcast, This Is Not That

This week marks the one year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, which sparked worldwide protests that continue. Today, we debut our new podcast called, This is NOT that, which will bring our unique, unfiltered conversation that centers community, people, and politics. In the first episode Isiah, JoAnna, and Rafael introduce themselves and discuss the impact George Floyd’s murder had on the Milwaukee community and our leadership as people of color.

Meet our Panel, Milwaukee Grown.

Rafael Smith leads civic engagement for Citizen Action of Wisconsin with a focus on climate and health equity in Milwaukee’s North Side, through his recent launch of North Side Rising Organizing Co-Op. Rafael Smith has led the early conversations around climate equity in Milwaukee and the priority to launch a Green New Deal at both a state and national level!

JoAnna Bautch is a leading voice in Wisconsin Movement Politics. From supporting neighborhood leaders to get their names on local ballots to launching her own campaign for the Wisconsin State Assembly, JoAnna values authentic leadership and the journey it takes to get you on the ballot!

Isaiah Holmes, investigative reporter for the Wisconsin Examiner is committed to bringing you FACTS. Isaiah has led the documentation around policing in Wauwatosa and is a part of the bigger conversation of police brutality on both a local and national level. Isaiah has led the

Listen now!

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Executive Director Robert Kraig debated radio talk show host Jeff Santos for the full hour on whether President Biden is still fighting for a bold progressive agenda, or is reverting to his centrist roots. Listen to the full debate here. The Boston-based show airs in Wisconsin on Devil Radio 92.7 Madison.

The Wisconsin State Journal did a great feature story on the Green Homeowners United project, which is led by former Citizen Action Organizing Director Kevin Kane. Green Homeowners United, which is an affiliate of Citizen Action, is working to jump start the residential green transition by helping homeowners acquire low interest bank financing for energy conservation retrofits and the installation of solar energy. The savings are so great that the costs to homeowners are more than offset by lower utility bills and mortgage payments. It is the reverse of the Legislature’s BadgerCare Expansion policy where the state pays more to provide health coverage to fewer people: homeowners pay less to get more. The new social enterprise works in close partnership with Citizen Action around the state. Read the feature story here.

Join us this Saturday May 29th for Inoculation Emancipation Party sponsored by Minocqua Brewing Company.

Join the Minocqua Brewing Company and Citizen Action of Wisconsin for a party celebrating vaccination freedom with live music and #ProgressiveBeer. Music featuring Blues Legend John Primer and his Band, The Kim Wasserburger Band, the Tommy Bentz Band, and more…The CDC recently relaxed masking protocols for large outdoor gatherings for anyone who is vaccinated. So proof of vaccination will be required to attend this event. Only folks fully vaccinated plus 2 weeks of full protection will be admitted.

FREE BEER will be given to those who have had at least one shot in the Month of May as a big “THANK YOU” for getting vaccinated for their health and the health of their community.

Pick up your free beer at the entrance of the event. We’d love to have you stay but only folks fully vaccinated will be admitted. We hope you enjoy your free #ProgressiveBeer safely at home though!

Lastly, Citizen Action of Wisconsin will be giving 2 FREE pint glasses and 1 drink ticket with any donation of at least $20. Become a member for at least $60 per year to join our movement to organize people and harness Wisconsin’s collective power to build a better future for all in our state.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to verify vaccination cards and serve beer (bartending license not required). Volunteers will be given a free drink ticket to enjoy at the event. Indicate your interest in volunteering at the bottom of the registration page. Reminder, this is a 21+ event only. Register here!

Citizen Action Driftless Organizing Cooperative meets with new mayor of La Crosse

Thank you so much Mayor of La Crosse Mitch Reynolds for meeting with Citizen Action of Wisconsin member leaders K.C. Cayo, Joni Anderson, Tina Marie Pohlman and Heather Talbot last week!

Our meeting was wonderful! We discussed affordable housing, fair maps, universal healthcare, on-bill financing and climate issues.

Thanks to all who attended and thank you City of La Crosse for electing a progressive mayor who cares deeply about the city and her people

Take action to help protect water against CAFO in the Driftless region.
Attend rally Tuesday, June 1st, Noon, Ferryville. 

Whether it is the construction of the state’s largest hog farm in Crawford County, massive PFAS pollution in La Crosse County, or lead pipes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s clean water is under attack. Water is life and it is time for Wisconsinites to demand that our leaders protect our water.

Unfortunately plans for the state’s largest hog farm are currently threatening the nearby Kickapoo River and surrounding waterways. These plans to expand the Roth Feeder Pig II CAFO into the state’s largest hog farm are moving forward without so much as an Environmental Impact Statement to make sure our waters will be safe! These construction plans must be subject to an Environmental Impact Statement to protect the nearby Kickapoo River and all our waters!

Press event and rally June 1st, Noon.

Please join Citizen Action of Wisconsin and Crawford Stewardship Project for a major press event and rally to demand an Environmental impact Statement before construction. This event will be held at the scenic overlook in Ferryville Wisconsin, across the street from Jerry’s Sportsman Bar and Grill.  We will be meeting at 11:30 AM and the press event will begin at 12:00 PM. We need as many activists on site as possible to hold signs behind the speakers and hopefully line up on the streets with signs promoting clean water in Wisconsin.  We will even have water samples available from waters impacted by CAFOs so the public can see the damage they can do.

Media from La Crosse, Madison and local rural papers will be invited to cover the event.


The Healthcare Co-op fights for Care Over Cost

Almost every sector of the healthcare industry has a role in prioritizing profit over care but one of the most predatory is Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  Profits for them soared during Covid but have no doubt that the usual business of denying claims and dictating patient care, carries on. Citizen Action, along with People’s Action, is leading a campaign to let them know we are watching them.  You can take action with an already composed message to them. Believe me, they will notice if we drive enough people to send a message.  Take action HERE.

Healthcare for All Weekly Talk

Every Wednesday at 7PM, Dr. Mark Nuemann and Karen Kirsch, the Healthcare Co-op Organizer, explore the various aspects of our healthcare system.  They do have a special emphasis on why a single payer system should be the ultimate end goal but in doing so cover other related topics like BadgerCare Expansion and the ACA Supreme Court decision. You can find them on the Citizen Action of Wisconsin Facebook page via Facebook Live or register to watch them directly in Zoom.

Attend “Farms, Factories, and the Future” online forum, June 5, 1:00-5:00pm

Crawford Stewardship Project, Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network, Socially Responsible Ag Project, and many more allies will be co-sponsoring a virtual public forum on the direction of agriculture.

– Hear and inquire about Crawford County’s experience with a CAFO, proposed expansions, regulations, and lessons learned
– Engage with a panel of sustainable and regenerative farmers and experts about resilient pathways forward for agriculture- Network and strategize with a panel of community organizers from across the Midwest


Attend a virtual hearing, hosted by the WI DNR, on the plans for Roth Feeder Pig II

Please register for and attend the DNR hearing on the Roth Feeder Pig II CAFO.  Registration is open to the public.  When you register you will be asked if you are in opposition or support of the project.  We need as many folk as possible to stand against this project.

You will also have a chance to speak at this hearing and make your voice heard, literally!

Register here

The La Crosse Area Planning Committee is embarking on a process to create a 10-year Regional Transit Development Plan, and your input is needed

A virtual open house will take place through Zoom on Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 5pm to discuss future transit service improvements for La Crosse Municipal Transit Utility (MTU), Onalaska Shared Ride (OSR), and Scenic Mississippi Regional Transit (SMRT). We want to hear from the community – transit users and non-users alike – about how bus service could be improved, and what it should look like in the future. Please click the link below to register for the open house meeting.

Register in advance for the open house on Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 5pm.

Passcode: LCRTDP

Attend St. Joseph Accountability Coalition Health Equity Event, Saturday, June 12th, Noon.

We will have resources like a COVID Vaccination Clinic, Healthy Food Donations and education on Women’s Health, Affordable Housing, Organizations that assist with Domestic Abuse and much more.

It will be a fun time for all ages so bring the entire family. Social Distancing and COVID Guidelines will be in place as well as PPE will be provided.

If you would like to share or be a part of this Community event by Tabeling, Sharing Resources/Education or receiving anything you are in need of please go to the SJAC website and register. For Tabeling email Dana Kelley at [email protected].

RSVP to attend

“This is not that. This is the” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Citizen Action’s Movement Politics Director, JoAnna Bautch, to discuss Citizen Action’s new podcast, This is NOT that, which premiered this week on the 1st anniversary of George Floyd’s murder. The panel reviews the BadgerCare legislative Special Session that came and went quickly due to Republican intransigence. Despite refusing even to debate BadgerCare, legislative Republicans found time to attack transgendered kids and to threaten massive cuts to public school funding. Robert discusses the latest exodus of teachers in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, America’s premature reopening threatens million with pre-existing conditions and suppressed immunity. Who sounded the “all clear” siren in the middle of a global pandemic? Chris Larson enters an already crowded U.S. Senate race to take on disgraced WI Senator Ron Johnson. The GOP snipes at another U.S. Senate candidate, State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski. Why is Godlewski their early target in a multi-candidate field? National Democrats and mainline pundits increasingly agree that the GOP is a threat to democracy itself. But are the Democrats unified enough to stop them? We close by welcoming Citizen Action’s Driftless Organizing Co-op organizer, Ben Wilson, to discuss the proposed expansion of  the Roth Feeder Pig II Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) in rural Crawford County. Will corporate agriculture win again over the health and prosperity of our rural communities?

Listen Now – Episode #494
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