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1st Year of Biden Administration has Benefited Wisconsin

1st Year of Biden Administration has Benefited Wisconsin

For Immediate Release January 20, 2022
Contact: Robert Kraig (414) 322-5324 [email protected]

1st Year of Biden Administration has Benefited Wisconsin

Citizen Action’s Executive Director is available for interviews on the impact of the Biden Administration in Wisconsin after one year. 

Milwaukee: One full year of an administration focused on investing in working people has helped Wisconsinites weather the economic disruptions caused by the COVID pandemic.

The American Rescue Plan, signed in March of 2021, is a historic investment that provided a vital lifeline to Wisconsin working families helping them weather the economic storm unleashed by the global pandemic. Under president Biden:

  • Over 2.9 million Wisconsinites received direct payments of up to $1400 to help pay rent, keep food on the table, and meet other necessities of life
  • Over 46,000 jobs have been created in Wisconsin
  • Over 1 million Wisconsin children benefited from the Child Tax Credit, which cut child poverty by 40%, the most ever achieved in American history.
  • Wisconsin workers received a much needed pay raise. Wages in Wisconsin have increased by $0.52 per hour.
  • Health insurance premiums for a family of 4 under the Affordable Care Act were reduced by $611 per month, freeing up family resources for other necessities.

In addition, President Biden is still working to pass major elements of the Build Back Better plan that would have a transformative impact in Wisconsin. Although this is now unlikely to pass in one package, large pieces of the agenda are still expected to become law.

  • Build Back Better would vault Wisconsin into the growing green economy while responding forcefully to the climate crisis. Nearly 75,000 new jobs would be created in Wisconsin by the proposed climate investments making homes and businesses more energy efficient. This would especially benefit low income communities in Milwaukee, especially communities of color, who disproportionately live in energy older energy inefficient homes. (This would provide the resources to enact major elements of the plan being developed by the Milwaukee City-County Task Force on Climate & Economic Equity).
  • The Child Tax Credit would be extended, maintaining the historic 40% reduction in poverty.
  • BadgerCare Expansion would be achieved by federal legislation, filling a long standing coverage gap for working Wisconsinites.
  • Extra subsidies to lower premiums under the Affordable Care Act would be extended.
  • Creating good jobs for underpaid caregivers. Home care, which is delivered predominantly by women, many of whom are women of color, is historically underpaid, creating a dangerous shortage in Wisconsin of caregivers for seniors and people with disabilities. Build Back Better would create 24,000 jobs in Wisconsin, and make these for the first time living wage jobs.
  • Wisconsin parents with 2 children would save nearly $8,000 per year in child care costs.
  • Every 3 and 4 year-old in Wisconsin would receive high quality pre-K.


To schedule an interview on the impact of the President Biden’s first year, contact Citizen Action Executive Director Robert Kraig (414) 322-5324, [email protected]

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