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Citizen Action Pre-Primary Endorsements for Fall Elections

Citizen Action Pre-Primary Endorsements for Fall Elections

All fall pre-primary endorsed candidates completed a 2022 Citizen Action candidate questionnaire and been interviewed by Citizen Action staff and member leaders. All candidates were finally approved by a vote of the Citizen Action Board. Citizen Action is excited to announce the following statewide and state legislative endorsed candidates.

A complete list of Citizen Action Fall Endorsements is here!

U.S. Senate – Mandela Barnes

Mandela Barnes received overwhelming support from the Citizen Action Board.

“I’m proud to be endorsed by a coalition of advocates who have been fighting for working people in Wisconsin for decades,” said Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes. “Together, we will create an economy that works for working people, protect our democracy and the right to vote, create jobs by addressing climate change, guarantee access to health care for all, and kick Ron Johnson out of office once and for all.”

Mandela Barnes represents one of the top opportunities for a progressive champion to win in Republican-held turf in 2022. We are excited about his strong positions on jobs, labor, and climate issues. Barnes is running a movement politics, people-powered campaign and will work to advance our platform once elected.

Read more on why we endorsed Mandela.
Volunteer to make phone calls for Mandela Barnes with People’s Action and Citizen Action. Every Wednesday, 5pm – 8pm.
Learn more about Mandela’s campaign.
Donate to Mandela.

Lieutenant Governor – Sara Rodriguez

Sara Rodriguez is currently a State Representative in one of only two seats that flipped from Republican to Democratic in 2020. Sara is a Citizen Action Health Care For All Co-op member. Sara was endorsed by Citizen Action in 2020, and has been a strong healthcare ally and champion ever since. She will be a much-needed teammate to Governor Tony Evers, and views Citizen Action as a critical co-governance partner.

Learn more  about Sara’s campaign.
Donate to Sara.

WI State Treasurer – Angelito Tenorio

Angelito Tenorio is currently a West Allis Alderperson and has passed a number of inclusive and progressive measures in the suburb, including the Resolution Condemning Violence Against the Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities. Angelito is well aligned with our platform and is committed to work with Citizen Action, our members, and other progressive organizations while in state treasurer to help build our movement and to help build public support for our issues. Angelito has maintained a strong relationship with Citizen Action Organizing cooperatives.

Learn more about Angelito’s campaign.
Donate to Angelito.

Southeast Organizing Cooperative

Assembly District 10 – Darrin Madison 

Darrin Madison has been an active member of the Citizen Action Southeast coop. Darrin volunteered on the Spring 2022 co-op election steering committee and helped knock doors for our endorsed candidates. Darrin narrowly lost an election for County Board and is now prepared and ready to win! Darrin will immediately be a movement leader in the Assembly. He is extremely well aligned with our long term agenda and stands out in his approach to addressing structural racism.

Darrin has very challenging primary and very much needs your help to win.

Learn more about Darrin’s campaign.
Donate to Darrin.

Assembly District 13 – Sarah Harrison

Sarah Harrison’s top priorities include public education and affordable healthcare for all. Sarah has deep passion and commitment to run an effective campaign in this changing suburban district. Following redistricting this seat is more Republican and Sarah will need your support to help keep this seat Democratic.

This seat is currently held by Rep. Sara Rodriquez who is running for Lt. Governor. Let’s help replace her with Sarah!

Learn more about Sarah’s campaign.
Donate to Sarah.

Assembly District 19 – Ryan Clancy

Ryan Clancy has been involved with Citizen Action and partners for several years and is a current movement progressive voice on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. He will bring a much needed strong progressive voice to the Assembly.

Ryan was fortunate to not draw an opponent in either the primary or general election so he will be the next state representative for the 19th district, replacing Rep. Brostoff.

Learn more about Ryan’s campaign.
Donate to Ryan.

Assembly District 21 – Nathan Jurowski

Nathan Jurowski impressed the endorsement committee on all his responses, but most importantly he stands out on fighting structural racism and reforming criminal justice. He will also bring strong labor background and leadership to the Assembly.

Nathan will have a chance to turn this district from a Republican seat to Democratic if he gets your help!

Learn more about Nathan’s campaign.
Donate to Nathan.

Northwest Organizing Cooperative

Senate District 31 – Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is the former organizer for the Citizen Action Northwest Coop and has spent over 25 years in public service, serving in the Assembly and State Senate.

Jeff is a unique progressive voice in Western Wisconsin and has a very challenging re-election. Jeff will need our volunteer support and financial resources.

Learn more about Jeff’s campaign.
Donate to Jeff.

Assembly District 91 – Jodi Emerson 

Jodi Emerson is running for re-election and was previously endorsed by Citizen Action in her first run. She has worked closely with Citizen Action and the members of the Northwest coop over the past two years and remains a very close partner.

Turnout in the city of Eau Claire in November will be critical to every statewide Democratic candidate, Jodi will help mobilize our members to volunteer and get out the vote!

Learn more about Jodi’s campaign.
Donate to Jodi.

North Central Organizing Cooperative

Assembly District 85 – Kristin Conway

Kristin Conway is currently an Alder on the Schofield City Council and has supported and showed up for Citizen Action’s work on Fair Maps, Healthcare, and Climate and Equity. The North Central Coop has consistently viewed her as a movement ally in her time on the common council.

This is a very important state legislative seat following redistricting for the Citizen Action North Central coop. It will be a top priority to win this fall!

Learn more about Kristin’s campaign.
Donate to Kristin.

Driftless Organizing Cooperative

Assembly District 96 – Jayne Swiggum

Jayne Swiggum is a registered nurse and was a unanimous recommendation from the Driftless coop committee that interviewed her. Jayne is strong on all parts of the Citizen Action platform and would be an outstanding addition to the Assembly.

Jayne and the Driftless Coop are both excited to work together once elected to bring the progressive voices of this rural district to the Assembly. However, first Jayne has a to win primary election on August 9th and the general election on November 8th. To do that she will need your help.

Learn more about Jayne’s campaign.
Donate to Jayne.

Yes on Clean Water Now Referendum in Adams and Juneau County

Ballot line: “Should the State of Wisconsin establish a right to clean water to protect human health, the environment, and the diverse cultural and natural heritage of Wisconsin?”

The Driftless co-op has been fighting to protect the water from PFAS and factory farming (CAFOs) and strongly supports these referendums.

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