Resolution on Gaza War

Adopted by the Board of Directors on April 8, 2024.

WHEREAS, the long-standing conflict between Israel and Palestine has resulted in the loss of

countless lives; and a brutal occupation; and

Whereas, Citizen Action of Wisconsin believes that Palestinians deserve a state in which they

determine their own fate without occupation, while Israel deserves peace and security, and

Whereas, the current war was initiated on October 7th by Hamas’ attack in Israel that killed

about 1200 Israelis and involved the taking of over 200 hostages; and

Whereas, Israel responded with a massive and horrendous military response that killed over

30,000 Gazans, over 20,000 of whom are women and children, wounded over 75,000 Gazans, has blockaded the delivery of food, clean water, and medical supplies, resulting in reports of imminent famine, and already has displaced nearly the entire population of Gaza.

BE IT RESOLVED, Citizen Action of Wisconsin  urges an immediate and permanent cease-fire in Gaza and

the West Bank, to facilitate the release of hostages held by Hamas and the release of

Palestinians held by Israelis.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, Citizen Action of Wisconsin calls on President Biden to use his authority,

including stopping the provisions of arms and other military assistance with Israel, in order to

halt a ground invasion into Rafah, to immediately stop the restrictions of food, water and

medicine into Gaza, to resume the funding to UNRWA, and stop the ongoing harassment by Israelis of Palestinians living in the West Bank and the illegal seizure of the Palestinian lands and properties.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Citizen Action of Wisconsin stands with Israelis and

Palestinians who are calling for a cease-fire and building toward a future of coexistence.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, this resolution be shared with the Wisconsin federal delegation,

the President of the U.S. and the Citizen Action of Wisconsin membership.

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