Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend Newsletter, June 14th

Citizen Action Weekend Newsletter, June 14th

Friday, June 14th

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Join us and fight back against Big Insurance, UnitedHealthcare.

Virtual Meeting, next Monday, June 17th, 8pm

UnitedHealth Group, the parent corporation for insurer UnitedHealthcare, raked in over 22 BILLION dollars in profits last year, and already made another 8 BILLION in the first quarter of this year. How’d they do this? By denying us our healthcare and lining their pockets instead.

Greedy executives at private health insurance corporations like United make life-altering decisions for the rest of us by refusing to pay for care when we need it most through claims or prior authorization denials.

So this past Tuesday June 11th, folks in our communities who have been denied care by UnitedHealth, and medical professionals that serve patients who UnitedHealth consistently denies, came together to share their stories and reiterate our demands to UnitedHealth executives to reform their practices and put our care first!

In the meeting UnitedHealth executives heard from Carly that their prior-authorization denials stopped her from receiving a life-saving surgery so she could eat again. After we fought back and won Carly her surgery UnitedHealthcare is still refusing to pay the bill – potentially leaving Carly with bankruptcy inducing debt. A doctor shared that just this week UnitedHealthcare refused a stress test for a patient putting him at greater risk for a heart attack. While UnitedHealth agreed to urgently investigate the cases we brought to them, they did not agree to our demands for more systemic reform to put people over profits and care over cost.

Join us on Monday June 17th from 7-8pm CT to debrief our meeting with UnitedHealth, stand in solidarity with people being denied care, and plan our next steps to continue the fight!

And if you’ve been denied care or stuck with a bill by UnitedHealthcare or OptumRx we’d love to share your story with United and ask them to make it right!

Citizen Action hosts Inflation Reduction Act event for MKE homeowners 

Citizen Action hosted “The IRA and Local Resources for Milwaukee Homeowners,” co-hosted by Green Homeowners United, Forward Together Wisconsin, and the Urban Economic Development Association. 40 attendees joined at MKE LGBT Community Center for speakers that included Kat Klawes from Citizen Action of Wisconsin, Mandela Barnes from Forward Together Wisconsin, Kevin Kane from Green Homeowners United, and Erick Schamberger from the City of Milwaukee Environmental Collaboration Office (ECO).

This event highlighted the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) for homeowners, emphasizing rebates, energy efficiency funding, and the newly introduced IRA Incentive Calculator—a tool that helps homeowners calculate potential savings.

Citizen Action North Side Rising members attended and had a great collaborative discussion on how to effectively disseminate this crucial information within our communities. To join North Side Rising’s climate equity campaign, contact, [email protected]

The event also covered vital services provided by the City of Milwaukee, such as lead abatement and housing repair, which are essential for enhancing residential health and safety, particularly in disadvantaged communities. This event highlighted resources designed to reduce health risks in older housing, support climate change mitigation through housing weatherization, and provide residents with the necessary tools for safer, more sustainable living environments.

Citizen Action North Side Rising talking to voters about health care

It’s summer and street festivals are in full swing. Summer events are great opportunities to get out and talk with people about our organizing work.

Citizen Action North Side Rising was out collecting signatures in support of hospital accountability legislation and expanding healthcare through a BadgerCare Public Option at Locust Street Festival last Sunday in Milwaukee

Health Equity Organizer, Maletha Jones and North Side Rising member, Teresa Bumper, pound the pavement at Locust Street Festival talking to the community about Citizen Action’s work to expand the BadgerCare Option.

Join Citizen Action North Side Rising on MLK Drive for Juneteenth Day, next Wednesday, June 19th in Milwaukee. We will have energy savings kits that WE Energies has already charged to customers. We will also ask for your support for our work with MPS and Green Jobs. And of course, sign-up for election season volunteer work. We have calls to make, doors to knock and information to share to build up our community.

Get involved Contact: [email protected]

Participate in Milwaukee’s HUD Consolidated Plan Survey

The City of Milwaukee is planning an update to it’s Consolidated Plan for 2024-2029. Your feedback will directly influence our city’s strategies and priorities across housing and public service sectors. This plan covers areas within Milwaukee County, including the City of Milwaukee, and addresses a wide range of initiatives including housing lead abatement.

Have your say in how our community grows and improves. Visit here to complete the survey and contribute to shaping the future of Milwaukee.

Robert and Citizen Action members have teamed up with Forward Together Wisconsin, Green Homeowners United, and other organizations to promote significant investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy. This collaboration highlighted the opportunities for homeowners to reduce their energy bills and combat climate change by accessing funding for home weatherization provided by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Furthermore, Green Homeowners United has launched the IRA Incentive Calculator, a cutting-edge, easy-to-use tool that helps homeowners identify available rebates and calculate potential savings. This calculator offers a tailored experience for accessing and maximizing these financial incentives. This tool can be accessed at Green Homeowners United’s IRA Calculator.

Sign petition in support of our new Hospital Accountability Campaign!

Read more on state legislative proposals we support.
Take action now and share with friends.

Hold The Date: Statewide Virtual Healthcare Action Meeting, June 26th

Celebrate Juneteenth Day in Eau Claire, Wednesday, June 19th, 5:30pm

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Earl Ingram Show for the full hour to discuss the huge opportunity for new blood in the Legislature presented by fairer maps.

Listen Here

The Earl Ingram Show airs on the growing Civic Media radio network from 8 AM to 10 AM weekdays. Robert is the regular guest every Wednesday 9 AM to 10 AM. Civic Media now has radio stations in every media market where Citizen Action has an organizing co-op. You can also subscribe to the Earl Ingram show on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other podcast platforms, and listen on Alexa and on TuneIn. For video of the program you can watch on YouTube.

Listen to “System Change” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We continue our look at the deeper systemic issues afflicting Wisconsin government and politics.

We discuss the financial reporting problems with Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS). Why did the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) not inform the elected school board of the reporting issues? The ACLU WI says Wisconsin prisons and Department of Corrections (DOC) are breaking the law and are asking a court to order them to set up a program for women in prison to keep physical custody of their children. Wisconsin Supreme Court suspends fake elector co-conspirator Jim Troupis from the Judicial Commission. We close with a look at the stark difference between Trump and Biden on “law and order” and weaponizing the Justice Department. Does it even matter with voters yet to decide who to vote for or whether to vote at all? Finally, what are the prospects for Biden’s latest Gaza gambit?

Listen to the show
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