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Citizen Action Announces 2022 Fall Election Post Primary Endorsements

Citizen Action Announces 2022 Fall Election Post Primary Endorsements

All fall endorsed candidates completed a 2022 Citizen Action candidate questionnaire and most have been interviewed by Citizen Action staff and member leaders from one of our regional organizing cooperatives.

All candidates were finally approved by a vote of the Citizen Action Board. Citizen Action is excited to announce the following Congressional, statewide, and state legislative endorsed candidates.

These 2022 Fall Election endorsements are in addition, to our previous pre-primary endorsements which can be seen here.

A complete list of Citizen Action’s Fall endorsements is here!

Volunteer with Citizen Action to elect Mandela Barnes to the Senate and other endorsed candidates in our regions. Sign up here.

U.S. Congress District 3 – Brad Pfaff

The CD 3 interview committee included members from Citizen Action’s Driftless, North Central, and Northwest organizing co-ops. The committee overwhelmingly voted to endorse Brad not only due to the serious threat of Jan. 6th insurrectionist Derrick Van Orden but because of Brad’s qualifications.

CD 3 is one of the most contested congressional races in the country following the retirement of Ron Kind.

Brad Pfaff will support President Biden’s agenda, including creating jobs through fighting climate change, defending abortion rights and expanding access to healthcare.

Learn more about Brad Pfaff.
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U.S. Congress District 7 – Richard Ausman

Citizen Action’s North Central Organizing Co-op members are particularly passionate about this race, as they recruited Richard Ausman to run and are volunteering on his campaign. Richard believes healthcare is a right and will fight for it!

Richard will support President Biden’s agenda, including creating jobs through fighting climate change, defending abortion rights and expanding access to healthcare.

Learn more about Richard.
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State Treasurer – Aaron Richardson

Aaron Richardson’s commitment to accessible home ownership and improving the environment are fully aligned with Citizen Action’s values and platform. Aaron is currently the mayor of Fitchburg and is a former city council member.

As State Treasurer, Aaron will ensure companies that the state is investing in also are being responsible and protecting the environment.

Aaron believes it is important to get Wisconsin residents their property back. Aaron will add the option for people with unclaimed property to donate it to one of a handful of charities.

Learn more about Aaron’s plan.
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Driftless Organizing Cooperative Region

Assembly District 51 – Leah Spicer

Leah Spicer grew up on a small farm in the 51st Assembly District, where she still lives on the same farm and is raising three children.

Leah Spicer heavily impressed the Citizen Action Driftless Organizing Cooperative interview committee with her natural confidence in her answers and overall presence during the endorsement interview.

Leah will fight to expand access to quality healthcare, fully fund public schools, and prioritize investing in high-quality childcare and the current SeniorCare program.

The 51st Assembly District is the most Democratic seat currently held by a Republican. This is a great opportunity to win and pick up a Democratic seat to protect Governor Tony Evers’ vetoes.

Learn more about Leah Spicer.
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Assembly District 94 – Steve Doyle

The Citizen Action Driftless Organizing Coop steering committee sees this as a critical opportunity to hold back the conservative, corporate agenda. State Representative Steve Doyle’s interview and record prove his strength in supporting public education, expanding access to healthcare. Steve has regularly met with Citizen Action Driftless Coop members and supported many of our events and actions.

Most importantly, Steve Doyle can be counted on to uphold any Gov. Tony Evers’ vetoes on bad Republican legislation.

Learn more about Steve Doyle.
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North Central Organizing Cooperative Region

Assembly District 72 – Criste Greening

Criste Greening has been endorsed by Citizen Action in previous campaigns. Criste is longtime and well-regarded  climate and the environmental activist, particularly for clean water.

Criste will be a strong advocate for a person’s right to contraception, abortion, fertility treatment, and their right to make independent choices about their individual reproductive health.

Criste also supports full funding for our public schools, and marijuana legalization.

Learn more about Criste Greening.
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Assembly District 87 – Elizabeth “Buffy” Riley

Elizabeth “Buffy” Riley has been endorsed by Citizen Action in previous campaigns, and has spent time advocating for causes important to our organization. Elizabeth is particularly strong on healthcare and fair maps.

She takes her commitment to making Wisconsin a healthier, more prosperous state, with clean water and air, excellent schools with well-qualified teachers, and affordable and accessible health care for everyone seriously.

Learn more about Elizabeth Riley
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Senate District 29 – Bob Look

Bob Look is a former North Central Organizing Cooperative member, and is deeply tied to the labor movement in Marathon County. Bob has run for the 7th Congressional District in the past.

Bob will prioritize creating new family supporting jobs while fighting climate change. Bob will fight to make sure healthcare is available for every Wisconsinite. Bob will also fight for full funding for all public schools.

Learn more about Bob Look.
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Northwest Organizing Cooperative Region

Assembly District 29 – Danielle Johnson

Danielle Johnson is a veterinarian inspired to run because her representatives in Madison were avoiding calls to assist during the biggest public health crisis of our lifetime, the COVID 19 pandemic.

Danielle has shown her willingness to listen and work on Citizen Action values and issues. She is a member of Pierce County Grassroots Organizing. Her high energy and values impressed the Northwest interview committee.

Danielle will protect the right to an abortion and work to ensure everyone has access to healthcare. She will also fight for common-sense gun laws.

Learn more about Danielle Johnson.
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Assembly District 30 – Sarah Yacoub

Sarah Yacoub is a long standing member of the Citizen Action Northwest Organizing Cooperative. Sarah is a second time candidate which means she is prepared to run a very strong campaign capable of winning, while championing Citizen Action values. Sarah will be a healthcare champion, including fighting for a person’s right to an abortion.

Given the new district lines, this is a slightly more winnable seat for a Democrat. Sarah’s progressive platform and her preparation could be what gets her over the top.

Learn more about Sarah Yacoub.
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Assembly District 67 – Jason Bennett

Jason Bennett is excited to co-govern with and learn from Citizen Action once elected. The Northwest coop interview committee was impressed with his interview. He comes from the healthcare field, and wants to spend time focusing on early childhood education.

Jason is well aligned with our platform. Jason will fight for full funding of our public schools. Jason supports the right to an abortion. Jason is pro-worker and a union supporter.

Learn more about Jason Bennett.
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Assembly District 68 – Nate Otto

Nate Otto was previously endorsed by Citizen Action for the Eau Claire County Board in Spring 2022, where he won by less than 15 votes! Nate has proven to be a hard-working campaigner in rural areas with a positive and optimistic attitude. Nate is well aligned with our values and platform.

Nate Otto is also passionate about rural broadband, water conservation and the right to an abortion.

Learn more about Nate Otto.
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Assembly District 69 – Lisa Boero

The Citizen Action Northwest interview committee was pleased with Lisa Boero’s thoroughness in her interview. She is in touch with her district and has had success in connecting with conservatives.

Lisa supports fully funding our public schools and increasing affordable and accessible childcare. Strong schools strengthen our communities, and she will work to increase funding for local schools, community colleges, and skilled trade programs.

Learn more about Lisa Boero.
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Assembly District 92 – Maria Bamonti

Maria Bamonti has a strong focus on the role of agriculture in addressing climate change. She was the general manager for a food co-op in Eau Claire, and now owns a farm to table retreat.

Her energy impressed the Citizen Action Northwest Coop steering committee that interviewed her.

Maria believes climate change is the single greatest challenge facing family farmers, rural communities, and food security. She says, “Done right, climate policy for agriculture can create economically sustainable family farms, and environmentally sustainable communities.”

Learn more about Maria Bamoni.
Donate to Maria.

Assembly District 93 – Alison Page

Alison Page’s election will be a priority for the Citizen Action Northwest Coop, along with Jeff Smith’s Senate district.

Alison has a strong campaign, having run for State Senate in 2008. She has significant experience in healthcare and will fight to make sure everyone has access. She will also fight for abortion rights.

Alison will also be a leader on fighting climate change and protection our air, land and water.

Learn more about Alison Page.
Donate to Alison.

Southeast Organizing Cooperative Region

Assembly District 60 – Dan Larsen

Dan Larsen’s past as a public defender and priority of passing paid family leave and restoring the right to choose impressed the Southeastern Cooperative interview committee. He has been active in progressive organizing spaces for over five years and is prepared to run for office.

Dan Larsen will fight to protect your freedoms and rights, including your right to choose whether and when to have children, and will work to make our communities a safe and welcoming place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Learn more about Dan Larsen
Donate to Dan.

Assembly District 84 – LuAnn Bird

LuAnn Bird immediately impressed the Citizen Action Southeast interview committee when she described her canvassing approach – she has been deep canvassing without realizing she is deep canvassing. Her willingness to listen and connect with voters will make her a great ally once elected.

LuAnn is a former director of the League of Women Voters and will lead on restoring full funding to our public schools. She will fight to ensure everyone has healthcare, including fighting for the right to an abortion.

This will be a priority race for the Southeast Co-op.

Learn more about LuAnn Bird.
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Senate District 5 – Jessica Katzenmeyer

Jessica Katzenmeyer is the first Democratic trans woman to advance through a primary in Wisconsin. Jessica has strong ties to the community and Senate District 5, and wants to make sure we have more diverse voices in elected positions across the state.

Jessica will be a leader in the Senate fighting to make sure everyone has access to quality affordable Healthcare coverage. Jessica will invest in our public schools, not private vouchers. She will also pursue common sense gun violence prevention. She also supports cannabis legalization.

This seat is rare potential Senate seat that could flip from Republican to Democratic.

Learn more about Jessica Katzenmeyer.
Donate to Jessica.

Senate District 7 – Chris Larson

Senator Chris Larson is a recurring Citizen Action champion, giving much time and energy as a lead sponsor for the groundbreaking Climate and Jobs Package with Representative Supreme Moore Omokunde.

Chris views Citizen Action as the most proactive progressive organization in the state, and was a founding member (and current member) of the Southeast Organizing Co-op and is a regular guest on Citizen Action’s weekly podcast, Battleground Wisconsin.

Learn more about Chris Larson.
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Northeast Organizing Cooperative Region.

Assembly District 2 – Renee Gasch

Renee Gasch was an early member of the Northeast Organizing Cooperative and well-regarded community organizer in the Green Bay area.

Renee has shown incredibly strong leadership and support for reproductive rights, as well as protecting the environment and the fight against climate change.

Renee will prioritize lowering costs of living for working families, making public schools and public places safer for everyone, supporting farmer-led clean water and renewable energy projects, and increasing access to affordable health care, including reproductive care.

Learn more about Renee Gasch.
Donate to Renee.

Lori Palmeri – Assembly District 54

Lori Palmeri is currently the Mayor of Oshkosh, a position Citizen Action endorsed her for when she first ran. Lori’s strong platform is entitled the “FACES of Oshkosh”: Fair Taxes and Wages, Affordable Housing, Clean Environment, Expanded Healthcare, and Strong Public Schools.

Lori would seek out Citizen Action’s perspective on issues when in the legislature.

Learn more about Lori Palmeri
Donate to Lori.

Assembly District 56 – Patrick Hayden

Patrick Hayden is deeply commitment to securing increased funding for K-12 public education, and publicly advocates for the Fight for (at least) $17.50 and hour minimum wage. Patrick also supports fair maps for redistricting and moving to renewable energy.

Patrick also supports decriminalizing marijuana and capping insulin costs..

Learn more about Patrick Hayden.
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Assembly District 57 – Lee Snodgrass

State Representative Lee Snodgrass has a long history of creating change throughout her district and has been a longtime advocate and partner for Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

Lee continues to uplift Citizen Action’s platform of healthcare as a right and protecting democracy.

Lee will also continue pushing for full funding for all our public schools and common sense gun violence prevention.

Learn more about Lee Snodgrass.
Donate to Lee.

Assembly District 88 – Hannah Beauchamp-Pope

Hannah Beauchamp-Pope’s story, reason for running, and commitment to prison reform and abolition make her a true Citizen Action candidate. Hannah is well aligned with our platform.

Hannah will a huge public education advocate, fighting for fully funding for our schools. Hannah will lead in fighting climate change, creating new green jobs that you can raise a family on.

Hannah believes health care is a basic human right and will fight to make sure we all have it. She will also prioritize health and human services.

Learn more about Hannah Beauchamp-Pope.
Donate to Hannah.

Assembly District 90 – Kristina Shelton

State Representative Kristina Shelton has never ceased her fight for the BadgerCare Public Option bill, the Economic Justice Bill of Rights, and the fight to save democracy in Wisconsin. She is an incredibly strong Citizen Action advocate and ally.

She is strong supporter of pollution-free water and a healthy planet, high quality and safe housing, reliable transportation, and a fair and equitable justice system.

Learn more about Kristina Shelton.
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YES on the 2022 Referendum for the Green Bay Area Public School District

Ballot Line: “BE IT RESOLVED by the School Board of the Green Bay Area Public School District, Brown County, Wisconsin that there shall be issued pursuant to Chapter 67 of the Wisconsin Statutes, general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $92,605,000 for the public purpose of paying the cost of a school facility improvement project consisting of: district-wide safety, security, building infrastructure and capital maintenance improvements; renovations and facility updates to secondary schools; construction of an addition at certain district buildings; districtwide athletic facility and site improvements; and acquisition of furnishings, fixtures and equipment.”

In November, Green Bay residents will have the opportunity to vote on a referendum to borrow $92.6 million to support delayed facility, efficiency, and safety projects, secondary school upgrades, and playground improvements at four local elementary schools. This referendum will allow the District to keep up with its facility needs without removing any classroom resources to fund the maintenance budget.

Other Areas of Wisconsin

Assembly District 33 – Don Vruwink

State Representative Don Vruwink has been putting in the work and has already knocked over 6,000 on his own. He has proven his capacity and willingness to listen to his constituents. Don will be a critical vote to help prevent Republican veto override attempts.

This new district is very challenging, but winnable.

Learn more about Don Vruwink.
Donate to Don.

Assembly District 45 – Clinton Anderson

Clinton Anderson has experience working in domestic violence centers, with individuals with special needs, and on the Beloit City Council.

He is enthusiastic about co-governing and has a strong coalition of unions supporting his campaign.

Clinton supports creating new family supporting jobs while fighting climate change. He will work to ensure healthcare for every Wisconsinite and that our public schools receive full funding.

Learn more about Clinton Anderson.
Donate to Clinton.

Assembly District 66 – Greta Neubauer

Representative Greta Neubauer believes that bringing all voices to the table and her work, including Citizen Action members, is the best way to move Wisconsin forward. Greata is a social movement organizer and fifth generation resident of Racine and just completed her first session as Minority leader.

Greta’s track record and candidate questionnaire demonstrate incredible thoughtfulness around climate and economic equity. Greta will continue leading the fight in the Assembly for full funding for all public schools and common sense gun violence prevention.

Learn more about Greta Nuebauer.
Donate to Greata.

Assembly District 73 – Laura Gapske

Laura Gapske would be the first woman assembly representative for the 73rd district. She is currently the chair of the City of Superior’s Human Trafficking Task Force Commission.

Laura has direct experience with individuals experiencing violence, trauma, and/or homelessness, and has studied administrative law and state legislation. This is a priority race for our People’s Action partner, Progress North.

Learn more about Laura Gapske.
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Assembly District 74 – John Adams

John Adams is committed to all points of the Citizen Action platform. John wishes to represent rural progressives in the legislature.

John lives outside Washburn and works for Bayfield Foods cooperative as a vegetable grower and distributor. He organized a local chapter of the Wisconsin Farmers Union and has served on the Washburn Town Board.

This is an open Democratic seat and important to win. This is a priority race for our People’s Action partners at Progress North.

Learn more about John Adams.
Donate to John.

Assembly District 76 – Francesca Hong

State Representative Francesca Hong’s legislative resume and candidate questionnaire impressed Citizen Action Board. Francesca has a strong voter outreach plan that includes fundraising for other state legislative candidates, as she did not have a primary and does not have a general.

She has been a stand out progressive leader in the assembly and has a bright future.

Learn more about Francesca Hong.
Donate to Francesca.

Assembly District 79 – Alex Joers

Alex Joers has served as a strong progressive voice on the Dane County Board for the last five years, and has worked for Representative Dianne Hesselbein, who currently represents this seat.

He will prioritize ensuring that burdens of the climate emergency are not shifted onto lower income communities.

Learn more about Alex Joers.
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Senate District 25 – Kelly Westlund

Kelly Westlund has been an active member of the progressive movement for a decade, working in areas such as Senator Tammy Baldwin’s office and running against then-Congressman Sean Duffy.

Kelly will prioritize creating new family supporting jobs while fighting climate change. She will fight to get access to healthcare for every Wisconsinite, including being a supporter of abortion rights. Kelly will pursue full funding for all public schools and common sense gun violence prevention.

Kelly has worked with Citizen Action organizers as well. This is an open Senate District a priority race for our partners at Progress North.

Learn more about Kelly Westlund.
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