Citizen Action’s 2021 Movement Politics Academy

Citizen Action’s 2021 Movement Politics Academy

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is working to build a new kind of politics. A politics that is deeply rooted in changing structures of inequity through community engagement.

That is why in partnership with our national network, People’s Action, Citizen Action of Wisconsin is creating a robust leadership development program that recruits, trains, and and elects movement leaders at all levels of government across our state.

More information on People’s Action & Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s Movement Politics 2020 election program.

Our Movement Politics Academy prepares and supports emerging leaders who have shown the desire and values of being movement leaders. Our focus is on electing strong progressives, especially BIPOC, women, LGBTQ+ folks, and low-income people who want to build our progressive movement alongside our member organization in co-governing relationships.

In the Movement Politics Academy, participants will learn the basic skills needed to run successful progressive campaigns for state and local offices and how to actually get things done once elected.

Where: All sessions are virtual via ZOOM.

Who: The academy welcomes current and emerging leaders and activists of our member organization, Citizen Action of WI, and allies. We intend for the group to be at least half BIPOC, at least half women, and at least one-third 35 years old or younger. Additionally, the diversity of the cohort will include non-binary individuals and those from the LGBTQ community. Emerging leaders from progressive organizations aligned with CAW’s values are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Academy Outcomes: 

  • Learn how to run effective political campaigns.
  • Learn how to actually advance the issues you run on, once elected.
  • Build relationships and take the first steps toward building a national network of movement candidates and elected officials.
  • Understand root causes of structural oppression.
  • Advance a shared analysis of the political movement and a vision for structural change locally, statewide and nationally
  • Understand the principles of co-governing with the national progressive movement (Learn more about the national and state progressive movement and how you can govern effectively in partnership with movement leaders and members.)

Academy schedule and content: 

  • 9-week program; October 6 through December 8, 2021
  • Every Wednesday, 6-7:30 PM and every other Saturday, 9:30 – 11:00 AM

Week 1: October 6th & 9th

Week 2: October 13th

  • Introduction to Movement Politics. Government by the people, for the people.

Week 3: October 20th & 23rd

  • Understanding Neo-liberalism (How the economy works and what we need to change it)
  • Understanding Power & Self Interest.

Week 4: October 27th

  • Building campaigns that win elections.

Week 5: November 3rd & 6th

  • What does a bold progressive platform look like.
  • Deep dive into transformational healthcare reform, climate action and racial equity.

Week 6: November 10th

  • Talking to Voters. Learning about the innovative new methodology of “Deep Canvassing“.

Week 7: November 17th & 20th  

  • Communication and Digital Strategy
  • Race Class Narrative.

Off week of November 22

Week 8: December 1st & 4th

  • How local economies work.
  • Effective grassroots fundraising.
  • Power analysis and mapping.

Week 9: December 8th

  • Understanding co-governing with the progressive movement.
  • Meet other movement elected officials.

Submit your application before September 3 to be considered for the Movement Politics Academy.

For more information on the academy contact JoAnna Bautch: [email protected] or 414-931-1758
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