Climate Justice

From devastating floods to diminishing water quality to impacts on the agricultural industry, Wisconsinites are feeling the effects of the climate crisis right now. It’s hitting hardest those struggling the most already–farmers trying to make ends meet, black families on the North Side of Milwaukee priced out of neighborhoods with cleaner air and water, folks who can’t afford for one more hundred year flood to hit their home.

We all want a healthy future for our kids. The time is NOW to act on the climate crisis to ensure that safe future.

When banded together, we have the power to create the changes we need. Together we have the power to transition our communities to 100% renewable energy, to transform our economy with good paying green jobs, and to build a more fair country for all.

From Milwaukee to Wausau, Viroqua to Green Bay, Citizen Action of Wisconsin members are building people power to bring lasting, structural climate justice to our state.

Our work to combat climate change and create good jobs:

1. Push the federal government to become a world leader in fighting climate change

As state and local governments are taking the lead on climate action, we need the federal government to be a partner by providing vital resources to fund the transformative vision that our communities already have to address the climate crisis. Citizen Action members mobilize their communities to make sure their Congressional members know where they stand on important federal policies like the Build Back Better Act.

2. Hold the state of Wisconsin accountable for its goal to transition to 100% clean electricity by 2050

In 2021, members across the state advocated for climate solutions in the 2021-2022 state budget by giving testimony to the Joint Finance Committee and holding lobby meetings with their state elected officials.

3. Help local governments boldly lead the charge on climate action

Local governments across Wisconsin are doing their local part to address the climate crisis. With 7 professional organizers on the ground in regions all over the state, Citizen Action is working with local governments, from city councils to county boards to school boards, to build community support for a full transition to 100% clean energy on the local level and to create Climate Action Plans to strategically and fiscally responsible reach these ambitious goals.

4. Transform our economy with good paying, green jobs

Citizen Action of Wisconsin members led the charge in Milwauke to allocate millions of dollars the City of Milwaukee got from the American Rescue Plan to create programs to upgrade energy inefficient homes, disproportionately impacting black families on the North Side. The program launch a massive effort to insulate and improve homes, creating a need for more workers to meet the moment. New good paying jobs, reduced energy bills, lower carbon emissions. A model for climate equity in our state.