Healthcare for All

Citizen Action of Wisconsin is a leading proponent of comprehensive health care reform in Wisconsin. We are one of the few groups (the only one focused on health care) with organizers and deep networks of member-leaders across Wisconsin. 

A foundational element of our strategy is working at the systems level. Our issue campaigns are grounded in on-going assessment of what systems and structures need to be transformed to guarantee health care for all.

Our health care strategy is grounded in our assessment that consumer cost is the dominant driver of the salience of health care as a voting issue. The sticker price of health care is an economic issue of the first order, evoking well placed fears of financial ruin and the crushing of individual opportunity. Our issue campaigns seek to harness these moral emotions to build a powerful public movement for reforms that dramatically increase value and equity. 

The dominance of health care in the last two election cycles is driven by public outrage with the exploitative conduct of big insurance companies, drug corporations, and large health systems who put windfall profits ahead of the lives and livelihoods of average Americans. The lived experience of most Americans in coping with this wasteful and often rapacious industry will keep getting worse until there is system-level reform. This has only intensified by the experience of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

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