Citizen Action of Wisconsin Applauds Governor Evers for Vetoing GOP Rigged Redistricting Maps

For Immediate Release, Thursday, November 18th, 2021
Contact: Dr. Robert Kraig, 414-476-4501 [email protected]

Milwaukee: It’s past time we leave behind the hyper-partisan atmosphere of the last 10 plus years and do what we do best in Wisconsin, which is come together across race, class, and place, and align around what we have in common. At this moment in time, what we have in common is the desire for a non-partisan, transparent, and fair redistricting process.

“Today, Governor Evers stood up for all of us in Wisconsin by vetoing the rigged maps passed by the majority-Republican Legislature. On behalf of Citizen Action Members and activists across the state, I applaud Governor Evers for standing up for democracy and majority rule,” said Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

The GOP maps that Governor Ever vetoed today were drawn behind closed doors, and not a single member of the public testified in support.

“Districts that guarantee one-party rule disenfranchise all the voters of Wisconsin,” Kraig continued. “The GOP maps and the process by which they were passed sends a clear message that the majority party in the Legislature care only about maintaining their own power. Fair maps would make legislators more accountable to the people they are supposed to serve by giving voters the power to change representatives when they disapprove of the policies they enact. So-called ‘safe seats’ for a single party are toxic to democracy because they insulate elected leaders from the views of their own constituents.”

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