“Fighting Outsourcing” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Fighting Outsourcing” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We dive into the precarious “Debt Crisis” drama in Washington. How did the GOP and the media turn it into a debate on “spending,”when Republican Presidents are the ones that ran up the national debt with tax breaks for the ultra wealthy benefactors? Why doesn’t President Biden inject the billionaires tax into the debate? Is the President being outmaneuvered or does he hold the top cards?

We analyze the role of outsourcing in the closure of Master Lock in Milwaukee and loss of 330 good union jobs from Milwaukee’s African American community. We then discuss the strike by CUNA Mutual (TruStage) workers over the outsourcing of 1200 union jobs in Madison over the years.

The panel autopsies the latest in the state shared revenue debate. Is avoiding a referendum the bottom line for Milwaukee City and County Officials? Do Democrats, local leaders, and GOP Senators really have to accept Vos’ demands or the shared revenue bill will be killed?

We reflect on the three year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police and call for a recommitment investing in what makes us safe. Finally we perform an after action review of Ron DeSantis’ disastrous announcement for President.

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Join the picket line in Madison in support of striking CUNA Mutual workers.
Donate to the OPEIU Local 39 worker strike fund.


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