“Standing up to Wisconsin’s billionaire bullies” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Standing up to Wisconsin’s billionaire bullies” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

The Canadian Wildfires have wafted back into Wisconsin this week making climate change up close and personal. It also reinforces our recent success in helping the Milwaukee Common Council to pass the groundbreaking Milwaukee Climate and Economic plan to fight climate change! The new MU Law Poll dropped yesterday and it predictably sets up the battleground status of Wisconsin for the 2024 election. It also demonstrates the increased political leverage Governor Tony Evers has with a strong approval rating and how it demands he implement it in the current state budget fight with the authoritarian and gerrymandered Legislature. The budget is at a critical juncture this week as it passed the State Senate on Wednesday and included an obscene tax cut for the wealthy. Robert previews his op-ed in the Wisconsin Examiner on Governor Evers’ need to deploy his vast veto powers to force the Legislature to negotiate over BadgerCare Expansion.

We welcome Dan Shafer from The Recombobulation Area (recombobulationarea.substack.com) to discuss the importance of independent media and its vital role in exposing billionaire Mark Antansio’s effort to get $300 million in taxpayer dollars for his team that is worth over $1.2 billion. We look at the monopolistic structure of MLB which results in accounting rules and tax laws that enable billionaire owners to mislead the public about their finances and then pressure cities like Milwaukee to subsidize their significant profits.

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Call Governor Evers (608) 266-1212.

Read more from Dan Shafer from The Recombobulation Area available on Substack

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