“Historic Indictment & Investiture” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Historic Indictment & Investiture” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss the Wisconsin flavor to the historic Trump indictment this week where the role of fake electors is central. We talk about the decades-long work that military sexual trauma survivors have done and what it all means in terms of President Biden’s new Executive Order updating the Military Justice Code.

We welcome State Representative Kristina Shelton to discuss the introduction of her BadgerCare Public Option bill expanding access to affordable healthcare for Wisconsinites and her attendance at the ALEC convention last week. We are also joined by Teamsters Local 662 Business Agent, Dan Boley to discuss the strike at Leinenkugels, how it is part of a broader national anti-union effort by Molson Coors, and how the Teamsters Local 662 will be calling for a boycott of Molson Coors products.

Janet Protesaiwicz is sworn in this week. We discuss whether it will be a new era of a progressive Wisconsin Supreme Court, as Law Forward immediately files a critically important gerrymandering case. Minnesota marijuana legalization has begun, leaving Wisconsin a weed revenue island. MAGA Rep. Van Orden bullies kids at the Capitol and Sen. Tammy Baldwin still has no serious GOP opponent.

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