“Bad week for public education” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Bad week for public education” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Milwaukee Teachers Education Association President Amy Mizialko back to the show to talk about the devastating news about a huge expansion of a private religious voucher school the former Cardinal Stritch University campus. The school’s owner said the expansion is the direct result of the historic increase in voucher school funding from the terrible shared revenue deal negotiated by  Governor Evers. Is this the beginning of a massive expansion of unaccountable and discriminatory voucher schools?

We debrief the circus-like Republican Presidential debate which hit Milwaukee Wednesday. What does the “debate” say about the current state of the party and who stood out?

Next, we assess the news that Republicans filed motions in an attempt to force recently elected Supreme Court justice Justice Protasiewicz to recuse from the gerrymandering case. Does this latest power grab have a chance to succeed?

Following last week’s appearance by Wausau Pilot and Review publisher & editor Shereen Siewert on the Battleground Wisconsin Podcast, Legislative Democrats proposed anti-SLAPP lawsuit legislation on Wednesday.

Priscilla reminds us that this week was the 3 year anniversary of the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha, only a month following the wrongful arrest of an innocent black man by Kenosha Police with his family at an Applebees.

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