“Standing up to bigots” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Standing up to bigots” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast


We discuss the latest state Senate Republicans power grab, their firing of Evers appointee and solar power advocate Tyler Huebner from the Public Service Commission, the state agency that regulates utilities. Was the sacking of Huebner motivated by his support for easing the energy burden on low income homeowners and renters? Were the big for-profit utilities behind it?

Less than a week after the worst-in-the nation medical marijuana bill was introduced by Republican leaders, it was killed by GOP leaders. Does this mean they have given up on this as a way to protect vulnerable incumbents from fair maps?  Meanwhile the Wisconsin Supreme Court received  7 maps last Friday and the Elias Law Group asked the justices to reconsider the state’s congressional map ahead of the 2024 election. Matt gives his assessment of which versions he likes best.

Robert reviews the Iowa Caucuses, where that former reality show and wannabe dictator Donald Trump demolished his competition. While the national media gave its audience a heavy dose of horse race analysis, treating politics like a sporting event, they all but ignored the plucky climate protesters effectively disrupting events of all the major candidates. What is the civic responsibility of corporate media further undermining democracy? We also look at Trump’s on-going fomenting of violence against his opponents and intimidating opposition in his own party.  Is this part of the fascist playbook? We encourage listeners to attend our Healthcare Action Meeting, next Wednesday, January 24th, 7pm. The virtual health care meeting will develop plans to talk with state legislators about the need to schedule a public hearing for the BadgerCare Public Option bill. RSVP for our healthcare meeting. 

Eau Claire City Council member Kate Felton joins us to discuss a shameful GOP bill that would require local hearings and resolutions on proposed refugee resettlement plans. We unpack the racist appeals to bigots that Republicans are willing to do in their ceaseless pursuit of power.

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