Citizen Action Weekend
Weekend ’24, March 29th

Weekend ’24, March 29th

March 29th

Citizen Action is hiring! NEW Driftless (La Crosse Area) Coop Organizer; Driftless (La Crosse Area) Deep Canvass Field Organizer; Green Bay Deep Canvass Field Organizer

Volunteer to Get Out the Spring Election Vote with Citizen Action this Weekend!

Volunteer with Citizen Action to help get out the vote this Spring Election for our endorsed candidates! We can help you make calls or knock doors of important Spring Election voters our candidates need to win!

We can arrange a time with you to volunteer at your convenience.


Contact our organizers in your area to volunteer.


Join us in Wausau for our 40th Anniversary Celebration, Thursday, April 11th, 5:30pm

Join us for a joyous celebration of 40 years of powerful organizing at Citizen Action of Wisconsin! We will break bread and toast the proud (and often hidden history) of Citizen Action, and consider our critical role in the fight to save and restore multiracial democracy.

RSVP for Thursday, April 11th, 5:30pm at Whitewater Music Hall, 130 1st St. Wausau

Citizen Action Driftless Organizing Co-Op Update: A Letter from Organizer, Kristie Tweed.

Dear Friends,

While I love the work that I do with Citizen Action and am so very proud of what we have built together in the Driftless Co-Op the last year and a half, I’m excited to share that I’ve accepted a new challenge that I believe is critical to the success of regaining the majority in our Wisconsin Assembly. I will be the Campaign Manager for Rep. Steve Doyle in the 94th District. In the past, the 94th Assembly seat has been central to keeping Republicans from getting a supermajority. Now that seat could be the key to Democrats gaining a majority.

I’ve completely enjoyed working with the CAW staff, the other organizers around the state and especially the great volunteers and co-op members in the Driftless. Your never ending dedication to climate equity, healthcare and movement politics in Wisconsin is something I will carry with me always. You have  inspired me daily and give me hope for our future!

I have great faith in CAW leadership, staff and members that the amazing work will continue in the Driftless and I plan on staying on as an active member. I want to see our many priorities come to fruition, including the development of a Climate Action Plan at the La Crosse School District, the building of our healthcare team in the Driftless and of course the statewide campaign to pass the BadgerCare Public Option bill.

Thank you so much for your support, hard work and dedication. I hope to see you at a Driftless Co-Op event or meeting soon.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for a potential new organizer to continue this critical organizing in the La Crosse area, contact Citizen Action Deputy Director, Matt Brusky at [email protected].

In Solidarity, Kristie Tweed

Upcoming Events in the Driftless

  • Friday, March 29th – Politics & Pints Trivia Night – 6:30 at The Root Note, La Crosse
  • Tuesday, April 9th – Spring Into Energy Savings – 6-8PM at the Nature Center, La Crosse.

Citizen Action presents at “Policy Change for Health Justice” at UW-Eau Claire Social Work conference

Citizen Action’s Movement Communications Specialist Emily Anderson (pictured) and Northwestern Co-op Organizer Jeremy Gragert, presented on March 25th at a full-day UW-Eau Claire Social Work Department conference called “Social Work is Healthcare.”

They presented during the session “Policy Change for Health Justice” about the importance of impacted people telling their stories, and shared how Citizen Action members organized and took action to advocate for BadgerCare Expansion during the state budget process last year, and are working to advance a BadgerCare Public Option bill as well.

Join us to “Stop the Shut offs” Friday, April 12th, 3-6pm

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Executive Director Robert Kraig was on the Earl Ingram Radio Show for the full hour to discuss the Confusing Constitutional Amendments on the Spring Ballot, and other breaking political news.

Listen Here.

The Earl Ingram Show airs on the growing Civic Media radio network from 8 AM to 10 AM weekdays. Robert is the regular guest every Wednesday 9 AM to 10 AM. Civic Media now has radio stations in every media market where Citizen Action has an organizing co-op. You can also subscribe to the Earl Ingram show on Apple, Google, Spotify, and other podcast platforms, and listen on Alexa and on TuneIn. For video of the program you can watch on YouTube.

Listen to “The Terror Blueprint for Trump’s 2nd Term” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

On this special edition of the podcast, Robert Kraig interviews Anne Nelson, the author of the critically-acclaimed Shadow Network and one of the top experts on the right-wing movement to end democracy. During the conversation, Nelson explains the origins of the powerful right-wing infrastructure backing Donald Trump.

Anne Nelson also provides listeners with a review of Project 2025, the 900 page blueprint for the next GOP president which would guarantee runaway climate change, and end American democracy as we know it.

Listen to the show.

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