Health Care Action Hub

Health Care Action Hub


Governor Tony Evers included Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s top three health care budget priorities in this proposed state budget: BadgerCare Expansion, Prescription Drug Affordability Board and A Public Option.

It is critically important that we make our voices heard in support of these lifesaving policies. The Legislature will get pressure from corporations and the wealthy few who benefit from keeping health care costs high, but we can beat them!

We need the Legislature to know how much we care about affordable health coverage and prescription drugs. 

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Support Citizen Action’s Health Care Platform in the State Budget and Contact Your Legislators!
Send an email to your State Senator and State Representative by completing this form in support of the Citizen Action’s health care budget platform. You may use our template email, or customize it with your own health care or prescription drug affordability story.

Tell My Legislators To Support BadgerCare Expansion!

BadgerCare Expansion would allow the many people in our community that lost their jobs or had their income affected by the pandemic have the support of health insurance.

Tell My Legislators To Support Gov. Evers’ Prescription Drug Affordability Review Board

Creating a Prescription Drug Affordability Review Board would allow the board to evaluate drug prices for price gouging and excess price increases, increase transparency prescription drug pricing and could even set some limits on how much people should have to pay for expensive drugs.

Tell My Legislators To Support a Public Option!

Public Option plan would allow people to purchase their health coverage from a public plan. This is the single greatest thing we could do bring down the cost of health care in Wisconsin.

Sign up for Citizen Action and Main Street Alliance’s Lobby Day!

This year, Wisconsin has a chance to pass BadgerCare expansion with a public option, make prescription drugs more affordable, support caregivers, invest in small businesses, and guarantee that every family can get access to quality, affordable child care

When: March 30th from 9AM-11AM Via Zoom


Want to do more?

Share your health care experience
Whether it’s related to why you support BadgerCare Expansion, Affordable Prescription Drugs, or just affordable Healthcare in general, our individual stories are the single most powerful way to move legislators, advance issue and electoral campaigns, and make sure other Wisconsinites who are going through similar issues know they are not alone.  When we lift up all the stories, we create the story of all of us in Wisconsin!


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