“Gerrymandered” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Wisconsin Fair Election Project Director Sachin Chheda joins us to discuss new state legislation for fair legislative maps and the possibility GOP leadership could attempt to dodge Gov. Evers to gerrymander Wisconsin again. We also talk about Speaker Vos refusing to make  accommodations for Rep. Jimmy Anderson to participate in committee meetings and Gov. Evers looks to protect water from nitrates. We also review the latest Democratic presidential news and Robert takes a first look at Kamala Harris’ new healthcare plan released this week.
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Wisconsin Fair Elections Projects

Leaders won’t let lawmaker who uses wheelchair participate in meetings by phone.
Disability rights specialist: Rep. Anderson likely has case for lawsuit.
GOP could dodge Gov. Evers to gerrymander Wisconsin again.
GOP leaders refute claim they plan to circumvent governor in redistricting process.
Republicans signal they will seek Democratic governor’s approval for new election maps.
Tony Evers calls for more water protections against nitrate contamination.
WI Conservation Voters: Gov. Evers’ announcement on nitrate pollution is a commitment to protecting our health.
Kamala Harris unveils ‘Medicare for All’ plan that preserves role for private insurance
Sanders says Kamala Harris’ health care plan is ‘not Medicare for All’

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