Democrat Kristina Shelton has big ideas.

Democrat Kristina Shelton is the Program Director at the YWCA of Greater Green Bay where she advocates for the needs of Green Bay residents. Kristina is a former educator who was elected to the Green Bay School Board in 2019 and is its Vice President.

Health Care

Kristina Shelton has never backed away from taking on the big challenges. She currently fights for our kids on the Green Bay school board. Now she has some big ideas for improving our health care. Kristina believes healthcare is a human right and no one should go bankrupt because they get sick or delay medical treatment because they can’t afford it.

With Kristina Shelton’s experience, we can trust her to fight for everyone to have affordable health care. Kristina will accept the federal Medicaid money that will expand BadgerCare to 82,000 people in Wisconsin. Kristina also supports opening up a BadgerCare “Public Option” so everyone can have health insurance in Wisconsin.

Kristina understands that prescription drug costs have become an emergency and no one should have to choose between medicine or groceries.

Kristina knows that reproductive care is healthcare. She is committed to protecting reproductive rights for Wisconsin women, and ensuring that the full scope of sexual health services are accessible to all.

COVID-19 relief while fighting the climate crisis.

Kristina Shelton believes Wisconsin must help working families struggling economically to survive during the coronavirus crisis, and can do so in a way that also begins to address the climate crisis.

During the New Deal, America addressed the pain of the Great Depression in a way that also built the foundation for the postwar economic boom.

Kristina Shelton will fight for a similar approach to the COVID-19 depression, creating jobs and income for struggling working families in a way that also builds the sustainable green economy we need to avert a climate catastrophe.

Most recently, she won the 2019 “Activist of the Year Award” from Citizen Action’s Northeast Wisconsin Co-op.

Kristina has been married to her husband, Jon, for 14 years. Together, they have two kids attending school in the Green Bay Area Public School District.

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