“Trump mails in the election” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss President Trump’s disturbing pronouncement that the 2020 election should be delayed because mail-in ballots will make it inaccurate and fraudulent. Trump’s statement comes on the heels of a cratering economy and complete absence of Republican leadership on extending desperately needed COVID relief. We celebrate the extension of the moratorium on utility shutoffs last week and thank the leadership of Citizen Action’s new North Side Rising organizing co-op. We welcome progressive State Assembly candidates Kristina Shelton and Josefine Jaynes to discuss their August 11th primary elections.

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Donald Trump calls for delay to 2020 US presidential election.
The GOP Stimulus Bill Guts Unemployment But Somehow Finds $7 Billion for Weapons.
Coronavirus relief talks hit impasse on Capitol Hill.
These Republicans Said Wisconsin Needed Another COVID Relief Bill. Now They’re Silent.
Editorial: Gov. Evers should stop hesitating and issue a life-saving mask mandate.
Number of Wisconsin Households Barely Getting by Swells to Nearly 550,000.
A pandemic. Marching in the streets. Economic hardship. Former governors ask where our government leaders are.
More than 25 federal agents coming to Milwaukee as part of ‘Operation Legend’.
Milwaukee’s Federal Deployment Will Not Be Like Portland, Swears U.S. Attorney.
State Regulators Extend Moratorium On Utility Shutoffs For Residential Customers.


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