Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, March 26th

Friday, March 26th

Attend Healthcare Week of Action Virtual Lobby Day, Tuesday, March 26th

This year, Wisconsin has a chance to pass BadgerCare expansion, make prescription drugs more affordable, support caregivers, invest in small businesses, and guarantee that every family can get access to quality, affordable child care. But we need you to help make that happen!

Register to attend our lobby day launch with Progress North and Main Street Alliance Action Fund on Tuesday, March 30th!!

Who supports public schools? The choice is clear. Vote Jill Underly for Superintendent of Public Instruction by Tuesday, April 6th.

Voter early or request your absentee ballot today.

Take Action with North Side Rising! Keep the lights on for All in Wisconsin

Earlier this week, the Public Service Commission announced the moratorium on utility shut offs will end on April 15th. We Energies plans to start shutting people off on April 15th of 2021. Hundreds of Wisconsinites are behind on their rent, can’t afford groceries, and are struggling to pay their utility bill.

We need to come together as we have in the past to extend the utility moratorium and provide much needed support to All in Wisconsin. 

Take action with North Side Rising today and tell the Public Service Commission to serve the public instead of wealthy corporations & their CEOs.

Meet Ben Wilson, Southwestern Wisconsin Co-op Organizer
Ben Wilson is the Citizen Action Southwestern Wisconsin Organizing Cooperative Organizer. Ben joined the Citizen Action of WI family in 2019 to lead the launch of our newest Co-Op at the time, the Southwestern (Driftless) Cooperative. 

From hosting events at Copeland Park to transitioning his members to digital spaces, he has diligently prioritized the voices and needs of his community especially in this year’s State Budget. Ben was heavily involved in passing the La Crosse County Medicare for all resolution, the first county wide resolution in support of Medicare for all in the state of Wisconsin. He also supported the passing of a La Crosse County resolution committing to 100% clean, renewable energy production by 2050.

The Southwestern Co-Op has focused on supporting one another through the COVID-19 pandemic and has not lost sight of what is at stake for Rural Wisconsin. From ensuring neighbors knew the latest CDC recommendations for protecting themselves, to hosting a sustainable toy drive during the holidays for struggling families and now leading the fight for climate equity for #AllinWisconsin.

Join Ben and the Southwestern Co-Op in securing rural climate priorities in this year’s state budget by contacting your legislators and visiting the Climate Action Hub today!

Help Defend Democracy with The Southeast Wisconsin Co-Op!

Our voting rights are facing an unprecedented assault from the Republican legislature. Help us fight back! Join the Southeast Co-op’s new Election Defense Team. We plan to organize a variety of actions that will protect and empower voters in Southeast Wisconsin. We’ll start by getting out the vote for our endorsed candidates and recruiting poll workers for the City of Milwaukee, and we’ll expand our scope as we grow. Future actions could include gerrymandering, ranked choice voting, automatic voter registration and more. So join the new Election Defense Team and help us defend democracy!

Fill out this form to be placed on our communications list.
Contact Barbara, SEWI Co-Op Organizer, [email protected], if you have questions.

Support a Southeast Wisconsin Co-Op Endorsed Candidate!

Volunteer to canvass for Dana Kelleyfor MPS School Board, Saturday, March 27th, 10am. Meet at North Division High School, 1011 W. Center St.

Sign up for a phone or text bank, canvass or a no-contact LIT drop, for our endorsed candidates by following this link:
If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Cerda, SEWI Co-Op Organizer, [email protected].


Join together with Marathon County Democratic Party and support Citizen Action of WI North Central Organizing Co-op endorsed candidates with some contactless LIT drops or phone banking.  Click here for details

Women for Women – Wausau Chapter also has postcards available to be filled out, but those need to be done by this weekend. Please contact Citizen Action and Women for Women member Nancy Stencil at 715-581-7983 if you would like to do postcards. 

If you live in other counties within the North Central region and are looking for volunteer opportunities, please contact NC WI Organizer Joel Lewis at [email protected] or 715-551-2525.

Volunteer to help elect Mitch ReynoldsFor Mayor of La Cross

The La Crosse mayoral race has heated up and we need to do EVERYTHING we can to help elect Mitch Reynolds!  La Crosse demands strong, empathetic, progressive leadership and that is what Mitch will deliver!
The greater Driftless Region relies on La Crosse for so much and we need to know we can count on La Crosse’s mayor to be there FOR ALL OF US.  We need to do everything we can NOW to guarantee that Mitch Reynolds gets elected!
The campaign NEEDS volunteers to join in literature drops and phone banking. They are actively seeking folks in La Crosse to drop lit on doors. They are flexible in scheduling shifts.
Please contact David Krump at [email protected]. David will get you everything you need to help make a difference!
Please follow Mitch on Facebook no matter where you are in the Driftless Region!

Complete your plan to Vote by April 6th!

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig discussed strategy for filibuster reform. Listen here.
Media Clips

Battleground Wisconsin Podcast : “Ron Johnson running with Q’Anon”

We look at Sen. Ron Johnson’s lockstep alignment with Trump’s Q’Anon base, and his new found national infamy among moderates and progressives. Has he gone off the deep end or is this smart politics in Trump’s GOP? We discuss next week’s important Healthcare Week of Action focusing on critical healthcare priorities in the state budget. Claire details the events and your opportunity to get involved, including talking to your state legislators. We expose the Legislative Republican effort to downplay the importance of COVID-19 vaccination at a time when health officials are trying to get as many people as possible vaccinated. We close by welcoming Mike Browne, Deputy Director of A Better Wisconsin Together (ABWT) to discuss how two of their identical open records requests to GOP state legislators produce vastly different results, and what is says about transparency in Wisconsin government.

Listen Now – Episode #485
Download Mp3

Sign up for Healthcare Week of Action Lobby Day.


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