Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, June 4th

Friday, June 4th

Share a Brew with the CAW Crew!

Thank you to everyone who came out last weekend and celebrated the first stop of our Inoculation Emancipation Tour sponsored by Minocqua Brewing Company. We’re happy to announce the next stop on our tour will be on June 12th at Funk’s Pub in Fitchburg from 11 AM to 7 PM! The CDC recently relaxed masking protocols for large outdoor gatherings for anyone who is vaccinated.

Proof of vaccination will be required to attend this event. Only folks fully vaccinated plus 2 weeks of full protection will be admitted into the event. We’re in need of volunteers to verify vaccination cards and give free beer to those who are newly vaccinated. Volunteers will be admitted for FREE and given a free drink ticket to enjoy at the event and other Minocqua Brewing Company freebies!
Sign up to volunteer now!

A FREE BEER will be given to those who have received at least one dose in the Month of June as a big “THANK YOU” for getting vaccinated. Pick up your free beer at the entrance of the event. We look forward to sharing a Progressive Beer with you on June 12th. Register Now!

Take Action: Protect our Driftless Waters!

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Whether it is the construction of the state’s largest hog farm in Crawford County, massive PFAS pollution in La Crosse County, or lead pipes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s clean water is under attack.  Water is life and it is time for Wisconsinites to demand that our leaders protect our water.  As a Wisconsinite living in, or connected to the Driftless Region you know how valuable our waterways are. Our Driftless waterways provide for our farms, our health, our recreation, and our tourism.  We all care about preserving the beauty and natural resources here in the Driftless.  Everyone deserves to know that they can turn on their tap and get clean, healthy drinking water.  Everyone should know that they can swim or fish in any of our rivers and streams.

Unfortunately, plans for the state’s largest hog farm are currently threatening the nearby Kickapoo River and surrounding waterways. These plans to expand the Roth Feeder Pig II CAFO into the state’s largest hog farm are moving forward without so much as an Environmental Impact Statement to make sure our waters will be safe!  These construction plans must be subject to an Environmental Impact Statement to protect the nearby Kickapoo River and all our waters!

When Governor Evers was elected and his administration came into office in January 2019, he set out to “bring science back” to the DNR. The time for that science is NOW!  Please contact Tyler Dixx with the Wisconsin DNR at [email protected] to demand the DNR conduct an environmental impact statement prior to expansion of the Roth Feeder Pig II CAFO!

Energy Burden Discussion with Citizen Action North Side Rising Co-Op!

As Black and Latinx neighborhoods in Milwaukee struggle with disproportionately high energy bills and homes that are often old, inefficient and non-weatherized there is growing recognition for the need to prevent any new fossil fuel infrastructures. We must do all that we can to prevent a huge climate crisis, WEC (WeEnergies’ parent company) is proposing to build a gas storage facility and we cannot allow that, there are better solutions! Join us, the Wisconsin Sierra Club, Alliance for Climate Education, Black Leaders Organizing for Communities and Save Ixonia for a Facebook live discussion on June 8th at 11 AM. Don’t miss the stream, create an alert now!

Protect Our Water! Attend Virtual Hearing on Jun 10th at 10 AM

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Attend a virtual hearing, hosted by the WI DNR, on the plans for Roth Feeder Pig II. Please register and attend the DNR hearing on the Roth Feeder Pig II CAFO.  Registration is open to the public.  When you register you will be asked if you are in opposition or support of the project.  We need as many folks as possible to stand against this project. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard and speak at the hearing!

Register here

“Farms, Factories, and the Future” online forum June 5, 1:00-5:00 PM

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Crawford Stewardship Project, Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network, Socially Responsible Ag Project, and many more allies will be co-sponsoring a virtual public forum on the direction of agriculture.

-Hear and inquire about Crawford County’s experience with a CAFO, proposed expansions, regulations, and lessons learned

– Engage with a panel of sustainable and regenerative farmers and experts about resilient pathways forward for agriculture

– Network and strategize with a panel of community organizers from across the Midwest

Join La Crosse Solar on Schools for a special celebration!

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CELEBRATE the first La Crosse School District Solar Installations! Learn how you can help add more solar to our schools! Enjoy free treats and music. Attend for the chance to WIN a SOLAR SUMMER PACKAGE!
Event Break Down:
4:30 p.m. Press Event
4:30 to 5:30: Tours of Solar Installation
4:30 to 5:45: Music
Hosted by: SOLS: Solar On La Crosse Schools, Coulee Region Sierra Club, School District of La Crosse
Learn More

Citizen Action’s Driftless Area Organizing Co-op co-led a press conference opposing the proposed Roth Feeder Pig 2 Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) in Crawford County. You can see coverage on local La Crosse TV here.

Citizen Action’s Executive Director Robert Kraig was on the Jeff Santos show for 60 minutes to discuss the state of play with Biden’s agenda, protecting democracy, and the American Jobs Act. Listen here.

“Republicans embrace anti-vaxxers & the ‘Big Lie’” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss Legislative Republican’s scheming with their corporate patrons such as Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce (WMC) to gin up a fake “worker shortage” to punish the unemployed. Does Robin Vos really believe Wisconsinites are lazy and irresponsible or is he just trying to exploit the working class? In a clear effort to mobilize a 2022 off-year election base of anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists, Legislative Republicans are supporting bills to make anti-vaxxers a protected category and pumping life into the “Big Lie” with bogus “Arizona style” voter fraud investigations into the 2020 election. Meanwhile new data from the Wisconsin Election Commission demonstrates minuscule voter fraud in Wisconsin elections, most of it generated by Jim-Crow still disenfranchisement of released prisoners. We close with a discussion on the centrality of the Senate filibuster in the success of the Biden agenda, addressing the nation’s major challenges and needs, and the survival of democracy itself.


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