This is NOT that; Episode #2: “Where is the creativity?”

After the protest movement of 2020 elected officials have introduced a variety of police-related bills. Some of the bills are more responsive to the historic movement than others. On this week’s show, we take a deep dive into a few of the new bills, as well as the original demands which have fueled marches in the streets for over a year.

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Listen to Episode 1; “Hey Y’all”

This week marks the one year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, which sparked worldwide protests that continue. Today, we debut our new podcast called, This is NOT that, which will bring our unique, unfiltered conversation that centers community, people, and politics. In the first episode Isiah, JoAnna, and Rafael introduce themselves and discuss the impact George Floyd’s murder had on the Milwaukee community and our leadership as people of color.

Meet the “This is NOT that” Panel, Milwaukee Grown.

Rafael Smith leads civic engagement for Citizen Action of Wisconsin with a focus on climate and health equity in Milwaukee’s North Side, through his recent launch of North Side Rising Organizing Co-Op. Rafael Smith has led the early conversations around climate equity in Milwaukee and the priority to launch a Green New Deal at both a state and national level!

JoAnna Bautch is a leading voice in Wisconsin Movement Politics. From supporting neighborhood leaders to get their names on local ballots to launching her own campaign for the Wisconsin State Assembly, JoAnna values authentic leadership and the journey it takes to get you on the ballot!

Isiah Holmes, investigative reporter for the Wisconsin Examiner is committed to bringing you FACTS. Isaiah has led the documentation around policing in Wauwatosa and is a part of the bigger conversation of police brutality on both a local and national level. Isiah has led the

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