2022 Elections are on!” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

2022 Elections are on!” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Wisconsin hits a record number of COVID hospitalizations as Legislative Republicans push bills to undermine public health precautions and efforts to distribute free N95 masks finally pick up. Next, our panel dives into a discussion of the 2022 elections. Finally, Senator Ron Johnson announced his bid for reelection, and many are surprised when Wisconsin’s longest serving Governor, Tommy Thompson, floated another run. Will Johnson win a 3rd term in the Senate and Thompson a 5th term in the Governor mansion? President Biden makes a big public push for voting rights leading into MLK Jr. Day with a fiery speech in Georgia. Can he and the Democrats make it happen or will he again be undermined by Senators Manchin and Sinema (and their big corporate backers pulling the strings) In Wisconsin, Legislative Republicans continue their nationally coordinated effort to rewrite the 2020 election and pull apart democratic institutions, making a legislative maneuver to end secure ballot drop boxes and to allow partisan politicians to nullify elections when they don’t like the results. We ask the question, does anyone trust Speaker Robin Vos’ promise that the Legislature will not name Wisconsin electors in 2024? We close with an interview of Citizen Action Field Director Zoe Roberts on Citizen Action’s volunteer Tuesday night phone banks, which are calling critical swing voters in key legislative districts. RSVP to join us next Tuesday, January 18th at 6pm.

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