Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, September 9th – Sunday, September 11th

Citizen Action Weekend; Friday, September 9th – Sunday, September 11th

Listen to NEW Special Interview with Sulma Arias, People’s Action Executive Director

Listen to a Battleground Wisconsin Podcast Special Interview with Sulma Arias, the new Executive Director of People’s Action, Citizen Action’s national organizing network.

The in-depth interview digs into the crisis in American democracy and the role grassroots organizing must play in recreating a sense of community and shared purpose.

Listen now!

Citizen Action attends Labor Day Events

Citizen Action North Central Organizing Coop at Labor Day in Wausau

The Marathon County Central Labor Council AFL-CIO, which is a member of the North Central Organizing Co-op, had another successful Labor Day parade in Wausau. Members of Citizen Action of Wisconsin marched in the parade.

At the same time, a couple members of the North Central Climate Issue Team gathered petition signatures supporting the development of a Climate Action Plan, committing to 100% renewable energy by 2040, in the City of Wausau.

To top it all off, a candidate that Citizen Action has endorsed twice in the past, along with a Co-op member won awards from the Labor Council. Wausau Alder Sarah Watson was recognized as the Grand Marshall. “Sarah has been a NEA, WEAC, NTCFA union member for 18 years, serving in many leadership roles. She is currently acting as co-president and was the acting president of her local during the time of the detrimental union-busting Act 10. She currently teaches Social Science at NTC and is serving her 2nd term as District 8 Alder for the Wausau City Council.” She has also been a strong champion for labor on the City Council, often encouraging that projects use local labor, and union labor when possible.

Margaret Pagoria, was recognized as “Citizen of the Year for her tireless compassion for others. Margaret has worked diligently promoting cultural competence and cultivating an environment where cultural diversity can truly flourish.

She has a strong faith and is a passionate advocate for refugee resettlement in the U.S. and was the coordinator at New Beginnings for Refugees (this group was recognized as the Organization of the Year).”

The Citizen Action Healthcare Organizing Co-op thanks Tammy Baldwin

The Historic Inflation Reduction Act was passed in August and will be transformational for so many seniors. Medicare will finally be able to negotiate drug prices, Seniors will have their Part D drug cost limited to $2000 out of pocket and diabetic seniors will be capped to only $35 per month for their insulin costs.  This has been a long term goal for decades.

Along with Protect our Care, we talked to Tammy Baldwin about what it means to our seniors to win these advances.

Watch here.

Volunteer phone calls for Mandela Barnes, Wednesday, Sept. 14th, 5pm

Volunteer to canvass this Saturday, Sept. 10th, 10AM in Greenfield.

Citizen Action Southeast Organizing Cooperative Community Picnic, Saturday, September 24th, 1pm – 4pm

Get together with other Citizen Action members to celebrate the beginning of the campaign season at this family friendly event. This will be a great opportunity to hang out and catch up with other folks in the movement.

Please bring a side dish or something to throw on the grill. We are excited to try your favorite food items.

RSVP HERE. We can’t wait to see you.

Can’t make it but want to donate funds to make this event happen?

Contact Barbara at [email protected].

Attend the Citizen Action Northeast Organizing Coop Election Potluck Kick Off, Sat. Sept. 10th, 1pm.

Attend Make Meds Affordable Speak Out Event, Thursday, September 22nd, 6:00PM

On Labor Day, right here in Milwaukee, President Biden leaned into his fight with Big Pharma. He just won a power struggle that was 30 plus years in the making and he is ready to fight for more. .  Medicare is finally able to negotiate drug prices thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act.

This is a historic win. Power was shifted from Big Pharma back to the people.

At Citizen Action of Wisconsin, we are always thinking about the next step and we have it for you. The Biden Administration and the Health and Human Services Secretary Becerra can help make even more medications more affordable NOW, without waiting on Congress? It’s true! And they can break pharmaceutical monopolies in the process!

Join us virtually on September 22nd at 6PM. We will learn from medical professionals and community leaders how we can move policy to make medications more affordable for all. We will hear from real Wisconsinites who are struggling to afford their medications. And we will share how you can take action now.

Our goal? Share information, educate, and empower Wisconsinites to raise their voices and affect real policy change towards affordable, accessible, quality healthcare. We really hope you can attend, learn more, and join us in our efforts to lower prescription drug prices for all.

Citizen Action North Side Rising election update and member profile

Can you guess where this guy is from? If you guessed he is from Milwaukee, WI and proud of it you guessed right. Meet Derrick Watson II, a lifetime resident of Milwaukee, MPS graduate and a MKE county employee. As a member of NSR, Derrick recently interviewed candidates to represent his common council district in Milwaukee where there is a special election this November.

Derrick is concerned about and committed to his community. He has major concerns that elected officials stay connected and engaged with the community they represent. And he expects them to reach out to the community to solve our biggest problems. It’s called accountability. Watch for our endorsements for Milwaukee City Council District 2 later this month.

If you want to have an impact on the November election you can join us on Saturday, September 17th, 10:00am-2:00pm, at the home of member, Will Pritchard, 3249 N 13th St Milwaukee. We will be knocking on doors and talking to people.

Canvass/Phonebank sign up sheet

Also join us for a Mandela Barnes phone bank, Wednesdays 5-8pm. Sign up here.

For more information about North Side Rising, including how to become a member, contact, Valerie Ricks: [email protected]; 414-885-5640 or 414-416-3348

Attend Citizen Action Northwest Organizing Cooperative Fall Election Kick Off, Saturday, Sept. 17th, 2pm.

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Earl Ingram Show for the full hour to discuss the mayhem in Wisconsin’s elections. Listen here.

Listen to “Election on MAGA” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Citizen Action’s Movement Politics Director, Priscilla Bort, to discuss our Fall election program which centers grassroots conversations with pivotal voters. Our first phone night had great turnout, and this weekend we launch our general election door deep canvass in Milwaukee and Green Bay Saturday morning. Our panel reviews President Biden’s visit to Milwaukee Laborfest and his continued call-out of MAGA Republicans who are imperiling American democracy. MAGA millionaire Tim Michels demonstrated his anti-democratic Trump instincts by calling for pitchforks and torches. We close with a special interview with Sulma Arias, the new Executive Director of People’s Action, Citizen Action’s national organizing network.  In that in depth interview, Robert and Sulma dig into the crisis in American democracy and the role grassroots organizing must play in recreating a sense of community and shared purpose.

Listen to the show.

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