“Election on MAGA” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Election on MAGA” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We welcome Citizen Action’s Movement Politics Director, Priscilla Bort, to discuss our Fall election program which centers grassroots conversations with pivotal voters. Our first phone night had great turnout, and this weekend we launch our general election door deep canvass in Milwaukee and Green Bay Saturday morning. Our panel reviews President Biden’s visit to Milwaukee Laborfest and his continued call-out of MAGA Republicans who are imperiling American democracy. MAGA millionaire Tim Michels demonstrated his anti-democratic Trump instincts by calling for pitchforks and torches. We close with a special interview with Sulma Arias, the new Executive Director of People’s Action, Citizen Action’s national organizing network.  In that indepth interview, Robert and Sulma dig into the crisis in American democracy and the role grassroots organizing must play in recreating a sense of community and shared purpose.

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