“Winning in rural Wisconsin” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast 

“Winning in rural Wisconsin” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast 

Wisconsin Republicans are taking to the courts to disrupt democracy.  First Robin Vos sued the January 6th Committee in an attempt to duck a subpoena asking him to speak about Donald Trump’s latest attempt to overturn the 2020 election result in Wisconsin. Then the Wisconsin GOP sued the City of Milwaukee for seeking the resources necessary for everyone to have an opportunity to vote in November. Where does the GOP plot against democracy end? Mandela Barnes pushes back against racist and false ads running against him and goes on the offensive this week as TV news largely ignores the story while its owners get rich from millions of dollars in trashy, racist dark money ads. Does the so-called Fourth Estate feel any obligation to educate voters about the real issues or is it just another corporate profit center? We discuss the state of the Democratic Party in rural Wisconsin heading into the critical 2022 election with State Senator Jeff Smith and State Assembly candidate Jayne Swiggum. They talk about the challenges and opportunities for progressives to succeed in rural Wisconsin where Trump found success.

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