Citizen Action Weekend
Weekend; Friday, September 30th – Sunday, October 2nd

Weekend; Friday, September 30th – Sunday, October 2nd

“Talking to Independent Voters is the most important job of my life,” says retired Lincoln County District Attorney  

Retired Lincoln County District Attorney and Citizen Action Coop member, Don Donphy says, talking to Independent voters is the most important job of my life.” 

Don should know, he has been honing his skills as a professional phone organizer for the last two years with Citizen Action’s “deep canvass”. Don is moving Independent Voters to support Mandela Barnes who were at first influenced by the propaganda ads coming from Ron Johnson and his billionaire supporters..

That’s why we need you to donate today so we can hire more organizers and talk to these critical voters! Our “deep canvass” phone bank is moving Independent and undecided voters to support Mandela Barnes!

Deep canvass conversations are more effective than high priced TV ads. Don and our canvassers are skilled at talking about race and immigration in ways that inoculate voters against racist ads. If we can talk to more independent and undecided voters, Mandela Barnes will win!

Citizen Action’s deep conversations with undecided voters are very challenging calls that require a skilled professional team of organizers, like Don Dunphy, who are well trained and effective. We have that team! Our field team has been having successful deep conversations with undecided and independent voters throughout Wisconsin since the primary ended. We are combating the dark money lies and misinformation one voter at a time and it’s working! To win this race we must reach more voters.

We need your help to expand our voter contact program

Citizen Action North Side Rising member profile: Tianette Davis

Meet North Side Rising Leader Member Tianetta Davis. Tianette is talented young leader who is dedicated to youth opportunities for work and personal growth. And she goes all in. She knows first hand that without opportunities and direction the workforce of the future won’t be ready. She sees the problems of nationwide youth violence and is committed to turning street smarts into real legitimate work skills.

Tianette wants more access to information residents can use to take advantage of EVERYTHING to lower energy and living costs. She spoke with WI AD-17 Supreme Moore Omokunde at North Side Rising’s Climate & Jobs Package Community Conversation this week in Milwaukee.

Find your WI State Representatives and tell them to support the Wisconsin Climate & Jobs Package.
Take Action and sign our petition in support of Climate & Jobs Package.

Volunteer with Citizen Action this Saturday, October 2nd!

Summary of Citizen Action Election Volunteer Opportunities. Weekly Canvasses for Mandela Barnes & Local Candidates

Southeast Canvass (MKE Area) – Saturdays, 10am

  • LuAnn Bird – Assembly District 84
  • Nathan Jurowski – Assembly District 21

North Side Rising (MKE) – Saturdays, 10am

  • Mark Chambers, Jr. – Milwaukee Common Council, District 2

Northcentral Canvass (Wausau) – Saturdays, 10am

  • Kristin Conway – Assembly District AD85

Northwest Canvass (Eau Claire) – Saturdays, 11am

  • Jeff Smith – State Senate District 31
  • Alison Page – Assembly District 93
  • Jodi Emerson – Assembly District 91

Northeast Canvass (Green Bay) – Saturdays, 10am

  • Hannah Beauchamp-Pope – Assembly District 88
  • Renee Gasch – Assembly District 2
  • Kristina Shelton – Assembly District 90
  • Lee Snodgrass – Assembly District 57

RSVP for Weekly Phone Bank for Mandela Barnes

Wednesdays, 5:00pm – 7:30pm with People’s Action and Citizen Action

Join Citizen Action North Side Rising canvassing for Mandela Barnes and Mark Chambers Jr.

Saturday, October 1st
10:00AM –  2:00PM
Willie Pritchard’s home
3249 N 13th St. Milwaukee.

RSVP to join us. After canvassing we will have food and drinks to share!

Let’s do all we can to elect Mandela Barnes as our senator and Mark Chambers Jr. to the Milwaukee City Council. Citizen Action recently endorsed Mark Chambers Jr. for the 2nd district special election to replace Mayor Chevy Johnson.


RSVP here.

Citizen Action in the News


Citizen Action’s climate campaign had a major media breakthrough this week! Our work to set a climate and economic equity agenda for Wisconsin was featured on NPR’s popular All Things Considered afternoon news program, which interviewed Executive Director Robert Kraig. Listen to or read the story

Read here.

Wisconsin Examiner

Citizen Action’s Organizing Director Kate Felton was interviewed for a Wisconsin Examiner story on the difficulty Democrats are having engaging rural voters. Kate talks about what Citizen Action is doing to start to fill the gap. The story by Harry Redman also quotes Citizen Action endorsed candidates.

Read it here.

Earl Ingram Show

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Earl Ingram Radio Show for the full hour to talk about the strategic racism being deployed in Wisconsin and how to counter it. The Earl Ingram Show broadcasts weekdays from 8 AM to 11 AM on WAUK 540 AM Waukesha/Milwaukee.

Robert appears every Wednesday at 10 AM.

Listen to interview here.

Listen to “Winning in rural Wisconsin” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast 

Wisconsin Republicans are taking to the courts to disrupt democracy.  First Robin Vos sued the January 6th Committee in an attempt to duck a subpoena asking him to speak about Donald Trump’s latest attempt to overturn the 2020 election result in Wisconsin. Then the Wisconsin GOP sued the City of Milwaukee for seeking the resources necessary for everyone to have an opportunity to vote in November. Where does the GOP plot against democracy end? Mandela Barnes pushes back against racist and false ads running against him and goes on the offensive this week as TV news largely ignores the story while its owners get rich from millions of dollars in trashy, racist dark money ads. Does the so-called Fourth Estate feel any obligation to educate voters about the real issues or is it just another corporate profit center? We discuss the state of the Democratic Party in rural Wisconsin heading into the critical 2022 election with State Senator Jeff Smith and State Assembly candidate Jayne Swiggum. They talk about the challenges and opportunities for progressives to succeed in rural Wisconsin where Trump found success.

Listen to the show!

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