Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend; October 7th – 9th

Citizen Action Weekend; October 7th – 9th

Citizen Action is hiring a Driftless Organizing Cooperative Lead Organizer.

Join our team!

Citizen Action of Wisconsin seeks applicants hungry for the opportunity to lead power building campaigns to achieve the sweeping changes Wisconsin needs to become a just, equitable, and sustainable multiracial democracy.

This position is best suited for creative and effective out-of-the-box thinkers deeply committed not only to being on the right side, but effectively building the grassroots power to make tangible progress on the big challenges confronting the multiracial working class.

More information.

12.5% of undecided voters move towards Mandela Barnes after talking to our “deep canvass” 

It’s Working!

Citizen Action’s “deep canvass” is moving undecided voters to Mandela Barnes at a 12.5% rate!

That’s right, we are increasing our rate of movement for undecided voters towards supporting Mandela Barnes. We have been talking to thousands of voters on the phones and their doors. We can’t move everyone, but we are successfully moving enough independent and undecided voters to make a difference in this election! We just need to grow.

We can still increase the impact of our canvass! We need you to support our “deep canvass” now. 

These deeper conversations are more effective than more over-priced TV ads.

If we can talk to more independent and undecided voters in the state, Mandela will win! 

Volunteer with Citizen Action this Saturday, October 8th!

Summary of Citizen Action Election Volunteer Opportunities. Weekly Canvasses for Mandela Barnes & Local Candidates

Southeast Canvass (MKE Area) – Saturdays, 10am

  • LuAnn Bird – Assembly District 84
  • Nathan Jurowski – Assembly District 21

North Side Rising (MKE) – Saturdays, 10am

  • Mark Chambers, Jr. – Milwaukee Common Council, District 2

Northcentral Canvass (Wausau) – Saturdays, 10am

  • Kristin Conway – Assembly District 85

Northwest Canvass (Eau Claire) – Saturdays, 11am

  • Jeff Smith – State Senate District 31
  • Alison Page – Assembly District 93
  • Jodi Emerson – Assembly District 91

Northeast Canvass (Green Bay) – Saturdays, 10am

  • Hannah Beauchamp-Pope – Assembly District 88
  • Renee Gasch – Assembly District 2
  • Kristina Shelton – Assembly District 90

RSVP for Sunday and Wednesday Phone Banks for Mandela Barnes

Sundays, 3:00pm – 5:30pm
Wednesdays, 5:00pm – 7:30pm with People’s Action and Citizen Action

JOIN our Week of Action to Build a Progressive Majority with Fetterman & Barnes!

Join Citizen Action of Wisconsin, People’s Action, Pennsylvania United, Pennsylvania Stands Up, and Seed the Vote as we kick off our Weekend of Action this Sunday, October 9th at 3pm!

We’ve got a combined goal of reaching 150,000 VOTERS – the combined vote margin of the 2020 presidential race in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, plus some more!


Join Citizen Action North Side Rising canvassing for Mandela Barnes and Mark Chambers Jr.

Saturday, October 8th
10:00AM –  2:00PM
Willie Pritchard’s home
3249 N 13th St. Milwaukee.

RSVP to join us. After canvassing we will have food and drinks to share!

Let’s do all we can to elect Mandela Barnes as our senator and Mark Chambers Jr. to the Milwaukee City Council. Citizen Action recently endorsed Mark Chambers Jr. for the 2nd district special election to replace Mayor Chevy Johnson.


RSVP here

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Earl Ingram Show for the full hour to discuss the Real Republican Agenda.

Earl’s show broadcasts on progressive stations in Wisconsin on Civic Media from 8 AM to 11 AM weekdays. Robert appears regularly at 10 AM on Wednesdays to discuss the latest news of the week.

Listen to Robert’s latest interview here.

For a List of Civic Media stations across Wisconsin read here.

Listen to “How to win the 2022 Election” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss Trump-backed millionaire Tim Michels’ self-dealing flat tax scheme that would further undermine the revenue needed for education, health are, and a climate transition, and force working and middle class folks to pay more while the super rich get yet another tax giveaway.  Ron Johnson continues to deny Jan. 6th was an armed insurrection, as Wisconsin Democrats work to make the November Election a referendum on the right to an abortion. Robert tells us the deep history and structural causes of for-profit utility foot draging on climate change, and a new Sierra Club Report gives Wisconsin utilities D and F grades on clean energy. We close with an interview of Citizen Action North Central Organizing Coop member Don Dunphy, who has been working for two and a half years for our “deep canvass” program following his retirement as the Lincoln County District Attorney. Don tells us why talking to important voters this year is “the most important job of his life” and why it is important our listeners should donate to expand the canvass and volunteer with Citizen Action talking to voters who will decide the election.

Listen to the show.

DONATE to expand “deep canvass”
VOLUNTEER with Citizen Action talking to voters.

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