Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend; Friday October 14th – Sunday, October 16th

Citizen Action Weekend; Friday October 14th – Sunday, October 16th

Citizen Action is hiring a Driftless Organizing Cooperative Lead Organizer.

Citizen Action is talking to rural voters.

Some people say Democrats have forgotten rural Wisconsin. Citizen Action has not!

We are focused on talking to more rural voters. They are critical to winning Wisconsin in 2022 and building a durable progressive majority over the next decade.

Citizen Action’s “deep canvass” is moving undecided rural voters to Mandela Barnes everyday from now until election day! We need your help to grow.

To win in Wisconsin you need both progressive strongholds like Milwaukee and Dane County AND rural and small towns across the state voting for progressive candidates like Mandela Barnes. We are deeply committed to this work. We have permanent organizing staff in the “Driftless” region, Central Wisconsin, Eau Claire and Green Bay and the Fox Valley. Our 2022 election program demonstrates that commitment to fighting and winning in rural Wisconsin.

We need your support to expand our rural-focused election program. We have organizers on doors and phones talking to the critical voters who will decide the November 8th election. We need to grow. Help us expand now!

“Lower Cost, Better Care” Bus Tour stops in Eau Claire

Citizen Action supporter and volunteer, Julia Bennker, joined the “Lower Cost, Better Care” Bus Tour in Eau Claire on Thursday, October 13, which made stops in Wisconsin this week, its 9th state on a 20 state national tour.

Julia shared with attendees and the media her difficult decision to limit her hours as an early childhood educator in order to keep her BadgerCare benefits. Without BadgerCare, Julia would have to pay over $1,000 a month for her medication. Julia is one of over 90,000 Wisconsinites who could be covered if Wisconsin were to accept Medicaid expansion dollars provided by the federal government, but that Wisconsin Republicans refuse to accept. The tour was also joined by healthcare champions, State Representative Sara Rodriguez, and State Senator Brad Pfaff.

Attend Fight for our Ligths: Rally for Affordable Energy Now!

Saturday, October 15th, Noon,
Ziedler Union Square, Milwaukee


Supporting Western Wisconsin Women Assembly Candidates

Four women running for State Assembly in Western Wisconsin and facing tough races against Republican incumbents, gathered on October 12th in Eau Claire for a fundraiser hosted by former Democratic Congressional candidate Rebecca Cooke.

From left to right, Danielle Johnson (District 29), Leah Spicer (District 51), Maria Bamonti (District 92), and Alison Page (District 93).

All have been endorsed by Citizen Action of Wisconsin ahead of the election on November 8th. Recognizing Wisconsin faces a challenging future whether she wins or loses, Danielle Johnson said, “Nothing is over on November 8th. I will not stop.”

Volunteer with Citizen Action this Saturday, October 15th!

Summary of Citizen Action Election Volunteer Opportunities. Weekly Canvasses for Mandela Barnes & Local Candidates.

Nearly 50 volunteers from 9 states made calls on Wednesday, October 12th. We still have lots of Mandela Barnes voters to motivate!

Help get out progressive voters who may or may not vote in November!

Southeast Canvass (MKE Area) – Saturdays, 10am

  • LuAnn Bird – Assembly District 84
  • Nathan Jurowski – Assembly District 21

North Side Rising (MKE) – Saturdays, 10am

  • Mark Chambers, Jr. – Milwaukee Common Council, District 2

Northcentral Canvass (Wausau) – Saturdays, 10am

  • Kristin Conway – Assembly District 85

Northwest Canvass (Eau Claire) – Saturdays, 11am

  • Jeff Smith – State Senate District 31
  • Alison Page – Assembly District 93
  • Jodi Emerson – Assembly District 91

Northeast Canvass (Green Bay) – Saturdays, 10am

  • Hannah Beauchamp-Pope – Assembly District 88
  • Renee Gasch – Assembly District 2
  • Kristina Shelton – Assembly District 90


RSVP for Sunday and Wednesday Phone Banks for Mandela Barnes

Sunday, October 16th, 3:00pm & 6:00pm; Wednesday, October 19th, 5:00pm

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Earl Ingram Radio Show for a full hour to discuss the GOP/Billionaire strategy to use crime as a racial dog-whistle, and how progressive activists can turn the tide in this election.

Listen here

The Earl Ingram Show broadcasts from 8 to 11 AM Weekdays on the Civic Media network, a progressive radio network in Wisconsin which includes WAUK 1510 AM in the Milwaukee area.

Listen to “Special Interview with Aaron Richardson for State Treasurer” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We debrief Thursday night’s final U.S. Senate debate with Robert who attended in person. Next, we bat around the latest MU Law Poll. Does it show a pathway to victory for Mandela within the control of grassroots activists and volunteers? We discuss the significance of the expected Federal Reserve interest rate hike. Is slowing down the economy and spurring layoffs the way to heal the economy? Robert educates us on the We Energies’ rate hike and how their corporate power is hurting low income people of color and sabotaging the transition to clean renewable energy. We encourage listeners to attend a Milwaukee rally against the WE Energies rate hike this Saturday, 10/15, at Noon. We close with a special interview with Citizen Action’s endorsed State Treasurer candidate, Aaron Richardson, to talk about his campaign.

Listen to the show!

DONATE to Citizen Action’s “deep canvass” program talking to independent and progressive voters who may not vote.
VOLUNTEER to talk to voters who may or may not vote!

Learn more about Aaron Richardson for State Treasurer.
Donate to Aaron’s campaign

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