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New Wisconsin Research Shows Growing Unaffordable of Healthcare in Wisconsin

New Wisconsin Research Shows Growing Unaffordable of Healthcare in Wisconsin

For Immediate Release, Monday January 30, 2023
Contact: Robert Kraig (414) 322-5324,

Statewide: Partnering with national researchers, Citizen Action of Wisconsin released today a new demographically balanced survey of 1,196 Wisconsinites on the affordability of health care in the Badger State.

The survey found 59% of survey respondents had experienced at least one health care affordability burden over the last year, and that a sobering 52% reported delaying or going without medical care due to cost. Of those that did receive care, 39% struggled to pay the resulting bills, and faced such financial hardships as depleting savings, being contacted by a collection agency, going without other necessities such as food, heat, and housing, and taking out loans or maxing out credit cards. The survey also found that 81% were worried about their ability to afford health care costs in the future.

The report was released today at a virtual news conference. The news conference included Beth Beaudin-Seiler, PhD, Director Applied Research and Analytics, Altarum Healthcare Value Hub, and Wisconsin State Rep Kristina Shelton (D-Green Bay). You can watch the entire news conference here.

Despite the intense public concern, state policymakers have failed in recent years to address the spiraling cost crisis.

“The survey data should be a wake up call to state policy lawmakers, who have not prioritized reforms that would slow the health care cost crisis gripping Wisconsin,” said Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin.  “Some excellent cost savings proposals were introduced in the Legislature during the last session but they did not even get committee hearings let alone reach the Governor’s desk. These include a BadgerCare Public Option bill that would allow Wisconsinites to buy into the popular health coverage program at lower cost, and a Prescription Drug Price Review Board to curb price gouging by the Pharmaceutical industry.”

“The healthcare system is built to serve wealthy CEOs, drug companies and insurance companies who are making money off this profit model and off of our sickness,” said Representative Kristina Shelton. “Too many of us, including everyday working families, are falling between the cracks.”

The underlying data from the Wisconsin statewide survey is available here.  Slides from Dr. Beaudin-Seiler’s presentation are here.

The Consumer Healthcare Experience State Survey (CHESS) was conducted in Wisconsin by the Altarum Healthcare Value Hub. The hub provided free, timely information about the policies and practices that address high healthcare costs and poor quality, and bring better value to consumers. Read the report and see additional data on the experience of Wisconsin consumers with the health care system here.


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