Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend E Newsletter; Friday, February 24th

Citizen Action Weekend E Newsletter; Friday, February 24th

Congratulations to Janet Protasiewicz on winning this week’s Supreme Court Primary Election! 

Now the hard work to win on April 4th begins. And we need your help! 

On election night Judge Protasiewicz challenged all of us to get involved.

“I am counting on all of you, each and everyone of you to continue the momentum, all the way through April 4th. Because there’s too much at stake, way too much at stake for us to stop for even a moment.” 

We at Citizen Action are not stopping! We are picking up the pace talking directly to voters at their doors and on their phones. We will win, but we need your help! So far 491 people have donated online to our program from around the country. We are grateful and it shows how important this election is to democracy!  

Janet Protasiewicz can win this election. And we need your help to make it happen! 

Unfortunately, most progressive voters DID NOT vote Tuesday because they were not contacted and don’t normally vote in Spring Elections. We need your help to contact these progressive voters who MAY or MAY NOT vote in the April 4th general election. 

Citizen Action launched our “deep canvass” direct voter contact program pre-primary! But we need your support to reach enough progressive voters to help Janet Protasiewicz win the General Election on April 4th! Donate today so we can expand the number of full time paid organizers we can hire! 

Turnout a first time voter in the Spring Election.

Kevonna Hendon, the daughter of Citizen Action organizer Keviea Guiden, took matters into her own hands this Tuesday and voted for the first time.

Kevonna was part of a record high turnout for a Spring Primary election. The previous high was the 2020 Presidential Spring Primary Election, demonstrating a high level of voter interest in this Supreme Court election that will determine the ideological balance of the court.

We need to get more first time voters out in April for Janet Protasiewicz. It is all of our jobs to get young people informed about our democracy and to vote. We challenge all our members to turnout one new voter in April!

Volunteer with Citizen Action talking to voters.

Volunteer with Citizen Action’s Deep Canvass Door and Phone Bank!

It’s time for Citizen Action members and volunteers to hit the doors to talk to voters so we can win this historic election!

Our co-ops will be canvassing weekly, and everyone will be deep canvass phone banking every Monday at 5pm starting February 27th and Saturday at 9am starting March 4th!

Find the dates and sign up here!

North Side Rising organizer Keviea Guiden wins African American Environmental Pioneers Award 

Last Friday February 20th. Citizen Action organizer Keviea Guiden received the African American Environmental Pioneers Award for her organizing work on making energy renewable and affordable for all Milwaukee residents.

Keviea continues to be a voice in the Milwaukee community at Citizen Action organizing for affordable renewable energy.

If you want to get involved in making energy renewable and affordable, contact Keviea at: [email protected]

Climate Victory for Citizen Action North Central Organizing Co-op!

After more than a year of advocacy in the City of Wausau, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Resolution passed the Public Health and Safety Committee. It was unanimous, which was a bit of a surprise. You can read about it here.

Citizen Action members emailed their Alders, and spoke to some of them as well. Members have showed up to meetings and spoke in support of the resolution throughout the year. The resolution originates with the Sustainability, Energy and Environment Committee, which was created when members of the NC Organizing Co-op began attending meetings. Members were aware of Climate Action Plans that had been created in Eau Claire and Menominee, and that they were already being implemented. These plans identify the carbon output of City operations, equipment, etc, and then they make a plan to reduce this by converting over to 100% renewable energy by the year 2050 or sooner.

Co-op members suggested to the Committee that they consider creating a formal Climate Action Plan to direct the City’s effort. The Committee worked diligently to complete this resolution, and added language committing to the creation of a municipal energy plan. Then the legal department looked it over, and it moved along. The Wausau Common Council will have it on their agenda on Tuesday, March 14th at 6:30 pm.

If you live in the City of Wausau, this would be a great opportunity to email the City Council, and ask them to support the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Resolution and the creation of a Municipal Energy Plan. You can do so by emailing the City Clerk, Kaitlyn Bernarde, at [email protected] Put Common Council: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Resolution in the subject line, and then write a personalized message asking them to vote yes on the greenhouse gas reduction resolution and the development of a municipal energy plan.

Lastly, if you can attend the meeting on Tuesday, RSVP here.

If Council members see the support from the community, it makes their decision that much easier. Thank you for your advocacy and we hope to see you there!

Join the Northeast Co-op for Budget Review and Feedback Sessions with your State Representatives!

The Northeast Co-op is teaming up with State Representatives Kristina Shelton and Lee Snodgrass to present to you the key components from the Governor’s State Budget Address. This is a great opportunity to not only hear the highlights of the State Budget, but also to ask questions and directly share your thoughts with your representatives.

There will be two sessions: the first with Kristina Shelton in Green Bay on Tuesday, February 28th from 6-7pm (exact location TBD), and the second with Lee Snodgrass on Tuesday, March 7th from 6-7pm at the Outagamie County Dem Office in Appleton.

Sign up to join us in either Green Bay or Appleton!

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on The Earl Ingram Show to debrief the Supreme Court primary and preview the battle ahead, The Earl Ingram Show is the top rated program on the growing Civic Media Network, and Robert appears for the whole hour Wednesday’s at 10 AM.

Listen to this week’s episode here.

Listen to “Spring Primary Election: The good & the ugly.” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We debrief the Spring Primary Election, which saw historic voter turnout and a decisive victory by Judge Janet Protasiewicz. We take a deep dive into this first phase of the critical Supreme Court race, including the big money expended on scorched earth TV ads on behalf of three of the four candidates. Despite its short term success, did the messages set Democrats up for failure by reinforcing right-wing values on public safety, and damaging the multiracial progressive coalition needed to address mass incarceration and structural racism in the criminal justice system? We also call attention to the important reelection race of Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich, and call on progressives to get off the sidelines and volunteer in the general election.  Next, we discuss Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s call for the Biden Administration to rein in dangerous short-term health plans that are permitted by Trump era policies to violate the minimum standards for health coverage set by the Affordable Care Act. Robert tells us about a sleazy campaign by big health insurance corporations to destroy Medicare by privatizing it. Finally, we sound the alarm bells over the threat to health coverage posed by the unwinding of the COVID public emergency.

Listen to the show.

DONATE TODAY to our Supreme Court Action Fund where every dollar supports talking directly to voters!
VOLUNTEER with Citizen Action in Spring Election talking to voters.

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