“In These Times of movement building” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“In These Times of movement building” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

In this week’s episode we welcome new In These Times magazine executive director Alex Han to discuss the vital role of independent progressive media, and the cutting edge journalism the historic magazine provides. We encourage our listeners to read and support In These Times.

Priscilla Bort joins us from the Wisconsin Public Education Network Summer Conference to announce the 2nd Movement Politics Academy, which trains tomorrow’s movement leaders to run for office.

We dive into the hypocrisy of Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Annette Ziegler’s media tour the past week, where she whined about changes to the court that will bring more transparency and accountability. Apparently the end of the lawless reign of right-wing politicians in robes acting as a super-legislature is too much for the disgraced Chief Justice to endure.

Resident economist, Dr. Micheal Rosen, returns to the show to talk about the state of the American economy, public perception of the economy, and who benefits when the Federal Reserve increases interest rates.

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