Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend E Newsletter, August 11th – 13th

Citizen Action Weekend E Newsletter, August 11th – 13th

Citizen Action is hiring Deep Canvass Field Organizers in Green Bay and Milwaukee.
For more information contact Priscilla Bort at [email protected]

We Have the Vision – How Do We Actually Get There? 

We all want a healthy planet, a strong democracy, and a society that honors the dignity of all people.

But in a world where billionaires and corporate interests hold the levers of power, how do we actually win?

If you’ve felt overwhelmed by this enormity of this fight–that’s OK. We have a plan. Our distinctive theory of change offers a roadmap for the challenge ahead.

Our approach draws from the wisdom of grassroots changemakers, historians, political scientists, and movement leaders. It’s based on an understanding of exactly how social movements grow, create victories, and establish lasting change.

Citizen Action prides itself as a strategic organization. We rely on a sharp power analysis that makes it clear what we’re up against, and the steps we need to take to win. We work with a network of organizations who are uniting across the country to help regular people understand how they can become powerful political actors–even in the face of odds that seem overwhelming.

Here’s a taste of the reading and discussions we’ve been doing with our staff. If this kind of thinking intrigues you, please reach out to Communications Specialist Emily Anderson if you have questions, thoughts, or would like some more reading recommendations! [email protected].

Citizen Action Board member Michael Rosen on Battleground WI Podcast

Citizen Action member publishes new book our members should read.

Citizen Action Southeast Wisconsin Co-op member Charles Bensinger recently published a book, called “DISRUPTIVE”. The novel is a gripping narrative that follows a group of determined environmental activists as they wage a fierce battle against the destructive forces of the fossil fuel industry, driven by a shared concern for the Earth’s future. The novel artfully highlights the sacrifices and risks these activists take to confront the escalating environmental crisis, painting a vivid picture of the urgency of their mission.

Charles has been working in the field of renewable energy and sustainable development for over 30 years and is a Milwaukee resident.

You can find his books available on Amazon and Thriftbooks.

Senator Tammy Baldwin Visits the Driftless Region

We in the Driftless Region were fortunate to have a visit from healthcare rock star Sen. Tammy Baldwin on Wednesday. She held a press conference at Gundersen Pharmacy in Onalaska to talk about progress made for seniors on the capping of Insulin prices at $35 for seniors and the ability for Medicare to negotiate drug prices through the Inflation Reduction Act . She also discussed the need to keep fighting to make healthcare and drug prices affordable for every American.

Citizen Action of WI Driftless member Amy Tabel spoke at the event about how her and her husband both have type I diabetes and how insulin and other medications can put a burden on families even when they have decent insurance plans. She showed 1 vial of insulin that costs $135 and lasts a diabetic about a week putting just her insulin cost at over $500/month. Her total prescription drug prices are over $1000/mo.  Amy thanked Sen. Baldwin for her work on this and hopes that soon there will be a cap on insulin for everyone.

Senator Baldwin also stopped at Riverside Park in La Crosse to talk to folks about her 3 top priorities. She’s focused on the 3 W’s, Wellness, Work and Water. All 3 of these extremely important issues in Wisconsin. With the PFAS issue on French Island, the water issue is a top concern for La Crosse area residents.

Driftless Co-Op Organizer Kristie Tweed and member Tara Johnson attended and got to chat with Senator Baldwin about important issues in Wisconsin.

Citizen Action North Side Rising members in action for change!

Citizen Action North Side Rising members Keith Holloway and Maurice Smith (two men to the right in photo) attended the Milwaukee Common Council meeting to support the passages of the Milwaukee County Equity Task force legislation. They see this legislation as an opportunity to develop SBE/MBE businesses like theirs.

They have an interest in shifting their cleaning business to one that uses more environmentally friendly products. This is a concern as they expand from commercial cleaning into residential work that often caters to those who have some health challenges. Keith also knows that those with “priors” often face employment barriers including job readiness and commercial cleaning is a great way to learn job safety, quality and timeliness as cleaning often happens when businesses are closed.

The goal of the Climate Equity Task Force is to reduce GreenHouse gasses by 45% by 2030.  Improve racial economic equality with the creation of green jobs paying $40K+ and focus recruitment of Black people. This includes training with supports, transitional jobs with career ladders, clarifying Career paths, and support for businesses owned by people of color working in these fields.

If you are interested in joining North Side Rising to address the issues that confront Milwaukee, contact us: Valerie Ricks, 414-885-5640, [email protected]; Maletha Jones, 414-676-5516, [email protected]; and Keviea Guiden, 414-841-3839, [email protected]

Citizen Action 2023 Movement Politics Academy starts Sept. 28th!

What is the Movement Politics Academy?

Citizen Action’s Movement Politics Academy is a space dedicated to giving progressives the opportunity to learn how to run for office and run progressive campaigns, and achieve bold reforms needed to make Wisconsin a more just and equitable place for all. We’re a space that won’t talk about what “electable” and “qualified” means – we want to prepare you to be involved as you are, not compromise your values, and make the most out of your time.

Movement Politics is about bringing folks into this work who look like us and come from our communities. We’re working to replace the idea that politics is only for the wealthy and well connected few. It’s time to build a true multi-racial, cross-class movement – and we can’t do that without YOU. And don’t worry – you won’t be in this alone.

What will participants learn?

The academy will cover a wide range of both campaign and progressive movement topics, including messaging, volunteer and time management, as well as political education around movement values like healthcare and climate justice.

Applicants should read our platform and ask themselves how it compares to their own values. Full agreement is not required, but a willingness to learn and grow is a prerequisite.

We will have opportunities for individual community building for all participants, with specific cohorts geared towards marginalized identities that are often stereotyped and excluded in politics.

When is the Movement Politics Academy

The Movement Politics Academy will run from Thursday, September 28, 2023 – Thursday, November 16th, 2023.

The classes run from 6-7pm

This is a virtual learning academy.

Are you ready to apply?

The application is open to everyone ready to seriously commit to an inclusive progressive community that advances bold progressive reforms.

Women, trans, and nonbinary folks of color, youth, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, the working class, Veterans regardless of discharge status, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Academy application consists of values alignment questions and a willing commitment to progressive organizing and learning. Applicants must be able to answer both why they are interested in and why they are the right fit for the Academy.

The application launched August 7th, and closes September 3rd.

Please reach out to Priscilla Rose Bort, Movement Politics Director, at [email protected], with any questions.

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s executive director, Robert Kraig, appears weekly on the Earl Ingram radio show, which is now on the radio in all of our co-op regions. This week, the unraveling of the GOP in the era of Trump.

Listen now!

Listen to “In These Times of movement building” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We dive into the immense hypocrisy of Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Annette Ziegler’s media tour the past week whining about changes to the court that will bring transparency and accountability to the court and end her court’s secrecy and lawless behavior that resulted in consecutive electoral landslides against conservative court candidates Ziegler and Republicans backed.

We welcome In These Times executive director Alex Han to discuss the vital and unique journalism the historic magazine continues to provide our movement, covering topics and organizing largely ignored by mainstream media. We encourage our listeners to support In These Times.

Resident economist, Dr. Micheal Rosen, returns to the show to talk about the state of the American economy, the public’s perception of the economy, and who benefits when the Federal Reserve increases interest rates..

Listen to the show.

Learn more about the Citizen Action 2023 Movement Politics Academy.

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