“It’s all about power!” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“It’s all about power!” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We start with the GOP threat to lawlessly impeach Justice Janet Protasiewicz in a desperate attempt to hold on to gerrymandered maps. Will the latest Republican attack on democracy succeed? We dig into the latest GOP attempt to secure massive tax cuts for the wealthy, and freeze them in place with a constitutional amendment. Meanwhile, new GOP child care bills show their inability to address major social problems due to their anti-government absolutism.

We review the latest MAGA Republican power play in Georgia, the RICCO indictments by the State Attorney General of social justice advocates opposing the building of the giant Cop City police training complex.

Finally, we have a news maker interview with award-winning sportswriter Dave Zirin, the sports editor of The Nation Magazine. Dave discusses the public shakedown by the Brewers to get over half a billion dollars in public money for stadium repairs, without anything in return for the public benefit. Zirin explains how what is happening here is part of an orchestrated effort by Major League Baseball and other major professional sports leagues to extract significant public dollars with few or no concessions. Ziren reminds us that community organizing is the secret to cutting a much better deal with teams that center on protecting the public’s interest, not the windfall profits of billionaire owners.

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