“Who will fight for the public interest, instead of a billionaire

“Who will fight for the public interest, instead of a billionaire

Huge news from Planned Parenthood on Thursday morning, they are announcing the resumption of abortions in the state.

We welcome national baseball stadium expert Neil deMause, from Field of Schemes, to discuss the on-going conspiracy of billionaire baseball owners to grab public money they don’t need. We discuss lessons for Wisconsin political leaders about the critical role they play in fighting and supporting the public interest instead of well connected ultra rich owners. Robert updates the political situation in Madison, and we discusses the important role teachers unions are playing in opposing a Nevada plan to give away public money for Las Vegas MLB stadium.

House leader McCarthy formally pursues a quixotic impeachment of President Biden as the MAGA wing threatens to shut down the government and overthrow McCarthy. All of Wisconsin’s Republican members of Congress supported the impeachment scheme. Meanwhile Senator Tammy Baldwin was busy actually leading, visiting rural Wisconsin talking to voters about the issues they care about. Wisconsin Republicans continue to struggle to find an opponent for Baldwin other than arsonist David Clarke who this week is busy setting the national Republican Party on metaphorical fire.

The Republicans in Wisconsin continue to work to funnel more money to the rich, while Donal Trump proposed a huge new corporate tax cut on top of the largest corporate tax giveaway in American history contained in the first Trump tax package.

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