Advocacy Groups and Educators Oppose Brewers Stadium

For Immediate Release, Oct 19, 2023

Contact: Robert Kraig (414) 322-5324, [email protected]

Advocacy Groups and Educators Oppose Brewers Stadium

Urge Lawmakers to slow the process down, use their full leverage to negotiate a better deal in the broad public interest

Statewide:  Today 6 prominent advocacy groups signed onto a letter to Governor Evers and State Senators opposing the massive and one-sided public subsidy to the Milwaukee Brewers, which passed the Assembly on Tuesday. The letter remains open for further endorsements, and we expect more groups to sign on ahead of the State Senate hearing on the bill next week.

In the letter, the groups make a detailed case against the current version of the bill, arguing that scarce public dollars, especially when so many critical needs are underfunded, should only be granted to private enterprises when there is substantial and proportionate public benefit in return.

The groups expressed deep concern that Major League Baseball, a legalized monopoly of hundred-millionaire and billionaire owners, is using a full-court lobbying press to force a bad decision by creating a false sense of urgency among state lawmakers.

Groups signing on to the letter so far include Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC), Kids Forward, Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA)

Voces de la Frontera/Voces de la Frontera Action, WISDOM, and Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

Read the full letter here


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