“Organizing Our Future in 2024” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Organizing Our Future in 2024” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Welcome to 2024 where our pivotal battleground state elections will again take center stage. We jump in and dissect this week’s news the GOP Legislative leadership asks the Wisconsin Supreme Court to reconsider their redistricting decision; a new court ruling allows clerks to correct minor errors on absentee ballots; and a brewery owner sues to remove Trump from the Wisconsin ballot under the 14th Amendment.

In a revealing and shameless display of voter suppression and encouragement of drain brain, the GOP leaders introduce a bill encouraging UW students to not vote in Wisconsin. Legislative Republicans to potential long term residents, “We don’t want you here. Go home!”

Robert does his best to fill in details on the policy positions of Senator Tammy Baldwin’s likely opponent, multimillionaire businessman and perennial candidate Eric Hovde. In climate news Wisconsin trails badly on solar adoption. Will Governor Evers use the huge investments offered by the Biden Administration to close the gap with neighboring states? Also, Insulin prices plunge for Wisconsinites due to a little known provision of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

We close with a discussion of a new labor organizing drive by over 100 workers at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and encourage the organization’s board of directors to recognize the union and move forward with a more powerful organization prepared to deliver on its critical mission.

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