“Gerrymandering is bad for your health” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Gerrymandering is bad for your health” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss the end of the traditional Republican Party and the reality of the new Party of Trump. Exhibit one is that every Wisconsin Republican House of Representative member voted to shut down the federal government rather than full their constitutional duties to maintain the full faith and credit of the U.S. Also, we are witnessing the inevitable end of the GOP presidential primary with Nicky Haley’s campaign beaten again in New Hampshire and on fumes while Trump promises retribution to all his opponents and threatens to blacklist any supporters of Haley.

Vice President Kamala Harris was in Waukesha and President Biden in Superior this week. Democrats clearly see Wisconsin as central to Biden’s re-election, so expect to see the President and other top administration officials here often.

We dissect the sudden and unplanned closure of a large hospital and clinic system in the Chippewa Valley and Governor Evers’ immediate call for Medicaid expansion to stabilize rural hospitals and clinics.

Robert debriefs Governor Evers’ State of the State speech, and assesses the major policy proposals he advanced heading into a critical election  year. We discuss Speaker Vos’ failed attempt to bate Governor Evers and Legislative Democrats into a bad deal on new legislative maps. Meanwhile, Assembly Republicans again block the impeachment of Election head Meagan Wolf by their even crazier faction. Question, would one sentence of support from their strong man leader Donald Trump change their position?

We talk about the new world in Wisconsin politics with the impending Legislative maps, where we likely have the first fair election for control of the Legislature in over a decade.  How does this new democratic world shape what the Governor and Legislative Democrats should be supporting for the remainder of the legislative session? We also take a deeper dive into the Congressional maps lawsuit. A Stanford University expert advising the plaintiffs says Wisconsin Congressional maps are the most partisan slanted in the U.S.

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