“Immunity Blues” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Immunity Blues” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

On a special edition of Battleground Wisconsin, Matt is away on a field trip to North Carolina, and our producer, Brian, has a speaking role for the first time in our 13 year history. Robert and Brian dig into the latest Trump-McConnell packed U.S. Supreme Court political intervention on the presidential immunity case. Will it replace America’s founding axiom that nobody is above the law with a 21st Century version of the Divine Right of Kings? We also look deeply at the results of the Michigan Presidential Primary across the freshwater pond. Does it mean that Biden is losing the election on the thorns of the Gaza dilemma? Turning to state news, Governor Evers unveils a rapid response plan for the rash of hospital and clinic closures in the Chippewa Valley. Does it get to the heart of the problem with commodified and profit-centric healthcare, or is it putting bandages on an infected wound?

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