Citizen Action Weekend
Citizen Action Weekend ’24, March 22nd

Citizen Action Weekend ’24, March 22nd

March 22nd

Citizen Action is hiring! Driftless Deep Canvass Field Organizer; Green Bay Deep Canvass Field Organizer

Volunteer to Get Out the Spring Election Vote with Citizen Action this Weekend!

Volunteer with Citizen Action to help get out the vote this Spring Election for our endorsed candidates! We can help you make calls or knock doors of important Spring Election voters our candidates need to win!

We can arrange a time with you to volunteer at your convenience.


Contact our organizers in your area to volunteer.


Citizen Action North Side Rising hits the doors in Milwaukee in support of MPS Referendum and Evan Goyke.

Citizen Action members and volunteers Tara Johnson and Tyler Raden join Driftless Coop organizer Kristie Tweed on the doors talking to Spring Election voters about our member and endorsed La Crosse County Board candidate, Wyatt Molling.

Vote Early Today and help others vote on Election Day with us!

Citizen Action’s 40th Celebration Event in Green Bay!

Citizen Action attends County Executive David Crowley State of the County address.

In his 2022 State of the County Address, Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley outlined initiatives aimed at housing, transportation, and equity to foster a healthier, more equitable community. He emphasized the county’s commitment to addressing housing insecurity through the investment of over $47 million in eviction prevention and mortgage assistance. Crowley also highlighted transportation improvements, such as the MCTS Next project and the FlexRide pilot program, designed to enhance public transit connectivity and accessibility. Crowley then outlined Crowley’s vision of making Milwaukee County the healthiest in Wisconsin by addressing social determinants of health, promoting equity, and supporting environmental sustainability through improved urban infrastructure. View David Crowley’s remarks here.

Citizen Action is working on a campaign related to the expansion of public transit and climate work and is engaging with County Supervisors and County Executive Crowley.

Interested in getting involved? Contact Kat Klawes at [email protected].

Attend Citizen Action North Side Rising’s “Stop the Shut Offs” in Milwaukee, April 12th, 3-6pm

We Energies winter shut off moratorium is coming to an end and folks will yet again be in the cold. Join us to let your voice be hear. For more information contact: [email protected]

Citizen Action Driftless Organizing Co-Op Update

Join us April 9th for Spring Into Energy Savings!

To find out more about the Driftless Co-Op or become a member, please call or email me. Kristie Tweed, Driftless Co-Op Organizer, 608-317-1331 or email at [email protected]

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Earl Ingram Radio Show for the full hour to discuss the confusingly worded Constitutional Amendments put on the Spring ballot by the gerrymandered Legislature, and other breaking news.

Listen Here

The Earl Ingram Show airs on the growing Civic Media radio network from 8 AM to 10 AM weekdays. Robert is the regular guest every Wednesday 9 AM to 10 AM. Civic Media now has radio stations in every media market where Citizen Action has an organizing co-op. You can also subscribe to the Earl Ingram show on Apple, Google, and other podcast platforms, and listen on Alexa and on TuneIn either live or on podcast.

Listen to “Getting up stream to win” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We next dig into the seemingly sleepy Spring elections, which feature many great candidates who can be the future progressive leaders of Wisconsin if all of us get them over the finish line. We encourage you to volunteer with us in these critical local races where a few extra phone calls or door knocks can make the difference.

We discuss the human made disaster in the Eau Claire healthcare crisis and how our leaders are not offering any real solutions that get to the root of the problem. Is the sudden closure of two major hospitals and 90 clinics a proverbial canary in the coal mine for the rest of Wisconsin? We talk about how five Brewers executives gave maximum donations to Robin Vos just two weeks after passing half a billion in public funding for the team’s wealthy west coast owner. We dive into how our obsession with “means testing” of safety net programs amounts to a social service version of voter suppression, denying needy people basic services and supports.

We help shed light on a new survey of 2022 candidates that shows how economic populism helped candidates win in rural and small town America. Robert also comments on a new In These Times Magazine article by friend of the podcast Alex Han on how our institutions have failed to protect democracy. Can unions and movement organizations can take up the fight?

Listen to the show!

Donate to Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

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