The Radical Right Empire Strikes Back

The Radical Right Empire Strikes Back

The Radical Right Empire Strikes Back

This week we review a large number of right-wing counter assaults on reason and freedom from the Wisconsin Legislature and at the national level. We explore deserted Foxconn buildings, the shocking GOP debrief of their 2018 Wisconsin election debacle. Finally we discuss the latest entry into the crowded Democratic presidential primary, and announce a new feature in which Battleground Wisconsin listeners will have the opportunity to help determine the best progressive candidate
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Wisconsin to take in $753 million more than estimated; lawmakers split on what to do with it.
Could Wisconsin’s voter turnout be higher than ever in 2020? All the ingredients are there.
Wisconsin Republican Party maxed out credit card, racked up $600 in monthly interest as it tried to save Scott Walker.
One month ago, Foxconn said its innovation centers weren’t empty — they still are.
Conservative justices signal skepticism of challenge to lame-duck laws.
Wisconsin Supreme Court Hears Arguments In Lame-Duck Lawsuit.
Wisconsin lawmakers poised to approve ‘born alive’ bill.
Wisconsin Supreme Court’s Conservatives Strike Skeptical Tone During Lame-Duck Case Arguments.
Mayor Bill de Blasio Enters 2020 Race for President.

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