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Friday, May 24th – Memorial Day Weekend

Join members of the North Central Organizing Co-op and other Groups in the Memorial Day Parade in Wausau

This Saturday, May 25th, at 10 am, join members of the NC Organizing Co-op, the Marathon County Central Labor Council AFL-CIO, and the Marathon County Democratic Party to march in solidarity for the Memorial Day parade, to honor our Veterans.

Lineup begins at 10 am at Marathon Park, which is located at 900 Pardee Street, Wausau, WI 54401. The parade itself begins at 11 am. Look for the City Bus to find the area to join others for lineup. NC Co-op Steering Committee member and President of the Labor Council, Randy Radtke will be there if you need any help getting situated. The parade route goes from Marathon Park to the former VFW building, at 388 River Drive.

Stop the Bans Rallies in Minocqua, Eau Claire & Twin Cities!

Thank you to all of our members who attended “Stop the Bans!!” rallies in Northwest and North Central Wisconsin!

Pictured: Member Ann Francis (Center) at the Stop the Ban Rally in the Twin Cities!

Pictured: Member Katy Hackworthy (Right) at the Protect our Rights Rally in Eau Claire.  

The grassroots group Northwoods Progressives organized a stop the ban rally in Minocqua, which is in the North Central Organizing Co-op region. Several North Central Organizing Co-op members attended the event and helped organize it, as they are also members of Northwoods Progressives. You can see coverage of the event on WJFW . Thank you for standing up for this vital issue!

It’s Budget Season. Do you know where *your legislators are??

Despite several attempts to set up meetings with our state assembly and senators to discuss BadgerCare expansion, our members have heard nothing at all. The Northwest Healthcare Team has had enough! As we approach our June 24th Day of Action, we will be hosting several letter-writing events, so we can deliver them to our legislators when we visit their office(s) on June 24th.  Good Government

North Central Organizing Co-op Updates

The Lincoln County Board passed a resolution to allow for PACE financing in Lincoln County.

Here is a summary from NC Organizing Co-op member and Lincoln County Board Supervisor Hans Breitenmoser: “On May 21st Lincoln County became the 39th County to pass a PACE ordinance.”

This is the 4th County that Co-op members helped to get a PACE resolution or ordinance passed. This ordinance will provide business owners with a financing tool that can help with energy efficiency updates and even energy generation like solar arrays. The Lincoln County board voted 20-2 in favor of PACE.

“This vote shows that the board understands climate change is everyone’s problem and we can help on the local level. We also recognize that dollars that we spend on fossil fuels leave our community. We would rather see businesses invest in their facilities to make them more efficient. That money stays in our community. It’s just common sense” said Hans Breitenmoser County Board Supervisor and Citizen Action Coop member.

PACE loans are typically set up so the utility savings pay for the interest and principal payments, making the improvement cash flow neutral or even positive from day one.”

Breitenmoser encourages business owners to contact PACE-WI ASAP to learn more.

North Central Organizing Co-op members Rita Pachal and Joyce Luedke attended a listening session held by Rep. Pat Snyder (85th Assembly District) at the Blue Willow restaurant in Wausau on Monday, May 20th, from 9-11 am. Rita spoke about the importance of accepting the money to expand Badgercare, needs within our public education system,  and some other issues. Joyce and Rita both wore Citizen Action shirts.

Joyce read from several articles about the Badgercare/Medicaid funding and gave those articles to Rep. Pat Snyder. I also spoke about education and the food pantry at D.C. Everest High School and talked about Middle Wisconsin–Rita did, too. Snyder wrote the website down, too. (I re-sent the article to him again today.)

Joyce and Rita hope that others will attend these listening sessions, if at all possible. They need to hear from us! Stay tuned for future listening sessions in other parts of the NC region, and if you become aware of any (sometimes they plan these things with very little notice), please share with Organizer Joel Lewis at [email protected]

Wausau School Board President, Associate Justice of the Ho-Chunk Nation Supreme Court, NC Organizing Co-op member, and all around community leader Tricia Zunker needs our help! Last year, she worked with Wausau City Hall to get them to pass a resolution declaring the 2nd Monday in October (falls on October 14th this year) as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Now, she has taken it to the Marathon County Board.

They had their Organizational meeting this past Thursday (photo is of Tricia addressing the Marathon County Board of Supervisors), May 23rd, to discuss this resolution. You can see press coverage regarding this on WSAW. They will be voting on it, next week Tuesday, May 28th, during their 7 pm meeting. If you live in Marathon County, please call your County Board Supervisor, expressing your support for this resolution to them.

You can look up your County Board Supervisor here

You can see the agenda for the meeting tomorrow (and minutes and agendas for other meetings) here

Southeastern Co-op Update

We have a ton of action coming up as we continue to build and revamp our issue teams and caucuses. Please consider joining our Eco-Justice issue team which meets next Wednesday the 29th at 5:30 pm at our office as continue to draft a curriculum for our green new deal initiative. Radioactive meets next Thursday the 30th at 5:00 pm at our office as we counter fake news and misleading media. If you have ever felt interested in communications this is an awesome opportunity to join us. If you have any questions please contact organizer Fabi Maldonado at [email protected]

Acción Ciudadana members are getting ready for a Fundraiser on May 31st at Freight 38 (838 S 1st Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204) at 6pm. All the funds will go toward working on a Green New Deal in the City of Milwaukee.

According to scientists, we’re headed for a climate genocide that will disproportionately affect marginalized communities already dealing with the consequences of decades of neglect and deindustrialization. It is within this framework that we at CAW, seeks turn this crisis into an opportunity to not only to radically change are climate but equally as important, the social economic of our city.

The city of Milwaukee has already agreed to the 2016 Paris Accord( 40% emission cut by 2030 and 100% renewable energies by 2050) but has no plan in place to make it happen. As the city heads into its annual budget hearing session, we want place a demand on the City’s elected official to put money in the city’s budget to conduct a study into how to reach the goals the PA with intention on job creation in Milwaukee’s most marginalized communities.

The Green New Deal presents the American working class with the greatest opportunity for improving our lives and gaining power since the original New Deal of the 1930s(In These Times Jeremy Brecher) Moving ourselves away from harmful fossil fuels and to renewable energies will mean a major overhaul of our current system and with such a change to our economy, comes new and exciting careers and sterning of older ones.

  • We look to accomplish three main goals with our green new deal campaign:To educate the public about the importance of the Green
  • New Deal and how the climate is affecting their lives and bottomlineThrough our civic 101 trainings and neighborhood canvasses we seek to inform and identify leaders to be apart of the campaign
  • To build a base and identify of working class people of color who will place a demand on elected official to money in the city budget for the green new deal.
Please come and support our efforts and work towards making Milwaukee 100% renewable by 2050!
Los miembros de Acción Ciudadana se están preparando para una recaudación de fondos el 31 de mayo en Freight 38 (838 S 1st Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204) a las 6 pm. Todos los fondos se destinarán a trabajar en un Green New Deal en la Ciudad de Milwaukee.
Según los científicos, nos dirigimos a un genocidio climático que afectará desproporcionadamente a las comunidades marginadas que ya enfrentan las consecuencias de décadas de abandono y desindustrialización. Es en este marco que nosotros, en CAW, buscamos convertir esta crisis en una oportunidad para no solo cambiar radicalmente el clima, sino también lo más importante, el aspecto socioeconómico de nuestra ciudad.La ciudad de Milwaukee ya aceptó el Acuerdo de París 2016 (40% de reducción de emisiones para 2030 y 100% de energías renovables para 2050) pero no tiene un plan establecido para que esto suceda. A medida que la ciudad se dirige a su sesión anual de audiencia de presupuesto, queremos que el funcionario electo de la ciudad solicite dinero en el presupuesto de la ciudad para realizar un estudio sobre cómo alcanzar las metas que la AP tiene intención de crear empleos en las comunidades más marginadas de Milwaukee .

El Green New Deal le brinda a la clase trabajadora estadounidense la mejor oportunidad de mejorar nuestras vidas y ganar poder desde el New Deal original de la década de 1930 (en estos tiempos, Jeremy Brecher) Alejarse de los combustibles fósiles dañinos y de las energías renovables será un importante La revisión de nuestro sistema actual y con tal cambio en nuestra economía, trae nuevas y emocionantes carreras y la severidad de las antiguas.

Buscamos lograr tres objetivos principales con nuestra campaña verde de nuevos acuerdos:

Para educar al público sobre la importancia de Green New Deal y cómo el clima está afectando sus vidas y sus resultados.

A través de nuestras capacitaciones cívicas 101 y encuestas en los vecindarios, buscamos informar e identificar a los líderes para que sean parte de la campaña.

Para construir una base e identificar a las personas de color de la clase trabajadora que impondrán una demanda al funcionario electo para obtener dinero en el presupuesto de la ciudad para el nuevo acuerdo ecológico.

¡Por favor, venga y apoye nuestros esfuerzos y ayudenos para que Milwaukee sea 100% renovable para 2050!

Congratulations to our Accion Ciudadana member Israel Ramon on being appointed by Governor Tony Evers as the Register of Deeds for Milwaukee County! With 25 years of legal experience and a great record of working towards the betterment of Milwaukee and Wisconsin, Israel “Issy” Ramon is the perfect person to represent our communities. He had the support of many leaders in the community who are also Accion members such as Representative JoCasta Zamarripa and County Supervisor Sylvia Ortiz-Velez.
¡Felicitaciones a nuestro miembro de Acción Ciudadana, Israel Ramon, por haber sido nombrado por el gobernador Tony Evers como el Registro de Escrituras del Condado de Milwaukee! Con 25 años de experiencia legal y un gran historial de trabajo para el mejoramiento de Milwaukee y Wisconsin, Israel “Issy” Ramon es la persona perfecta para representar a nuestras comunidades. Tuvo el apoyo de muchos líderes en la comunidad que también son miembros de Acción, como la Representante JoCasta Zamarripa y la Supervisora del Condado Sylvia Ortiz-Velez.

Citizen Action in the News

Listen to Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig discuss the news of the week for 60 minutes on the Earl Ingram Radio show.

Read column in the Shepherd Express by Citizen Action’s Kevin Kane on why GOP refusal to accept Medicaid Expansion raising insurance rates.

“Elizabeth Warren’s plan for America” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We review the latest state budget news, including Boss Vos and Fitzgerald’s scheme to split the budget into two separate pieces of legislation in an effort to constrain Gov. Evers veto options. We welcome State Representative David Crowley to talk about his new bill to allow automatic voter registration in Wisconsin to make sure more people can participate in our democracy. We also start our new weekly segment discussing the Democratic candidates for president this week with U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren. Avid listener State Senator Chris Larson joins us to tell us why he supports Warren in the primary.
Listen now!



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