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    • […] We discuss the latest power grab by Speaker Vos which would allow an unlimited number of veto override votes in the Assembly. Even more shameful is Vos’ petty maneuver to pair the motion with an unrelated disability accommodation that will allow Rep. Jimmy Anderson to participate in Assembly business. In a positive development, Governor Evers signed an Executive Order this week declaring Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Wisconsin. Next, we review a very bad week for Sen. Ron Johnson who ineptly attempted to walk back his damning comments about Trump’s actions in Ukraine, making himself a national spectacle. Also, Trump’s trade war sends American manufacturing into a recession, Milwaukee residents demand answers about police cooperation with ICE, and prescription drug actions target Rep. Sensenbrenner. Listen Now – Episode #412 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

    • […] We discuss this week’s impeachment news, including the storming of a closed hearing by right-wing Members of Congressmen. Foxconn announced this week that their highly touted “innovation centers” in Wisconsin cities will not happen any time soon. Gov. Evers’ special session on guns is immediately rejected by Sen. Fitzgerald and other Republicans, who plan not to hold any debate or hearings. Also Chicago educators are on strike joining autoworkers in taking direct action against economic injustice, and yet another MU Law School poll is released, with interesting results. We also welcome Citizen Action co-op member and Eau Claire County Board Supervisor Zoe Roberts to discuss the Eau Claire City Council passage of a resolution officially recognizing November 14-20 as Transgender Awareness Week and November 20th as Transgender Day of Remembrance. LISTEN NOW – EPISODE #414 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

    • […] We discuss the shameful legislative week for Wisconsin Republicans that included ignoring Gov. Evers’ call for a special session on education in favor of bills locking up more people at great cost and politicizing sexual assault kit testing. Our panel reviews the state of the Democratic presidential primary contest after the New Hampshire primary and looks forward to the spring primary election next Tuesday, Feb 18th. A Milwaukee TV station finds registered voters who are wrongly targeted for purging from the state rolls. We also welcome Citizen Action co-op member Alex Brower who is running for City of Milwaukee Comptroller on a progressive agenda that includes replacing WeEnergies with a public municipal utility and establishing a public bank. Listen Now – Episode #429 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

    • […] Practicing social distancing, our panel joins us this week from separate locations. We discuss the rapidly evolving Covid-19 virus pandemic and the political response. We call out Sen. Ron Johnson and 4 Wisconsin Republicans Congressmen for voting against the bipartisan coronavirus recovery bill over their opposition to paid sick days for workers. We also dig into the impact the pandemic is having on the April 7th election. Should the elections be postponed? We encourage everyone to request an absentee ballot at The panel closes with a discussion of a Wisconsin Public Radio story on how the major Democratic candidates for president have run to the left of Gov. Tony Evers and State Legislative Democrats. Listen Now – Episode #434 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

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    • […] We discuss the latest COVID-19 pandemic news, including this week’s Congressional action. Is the $2 Trillion relieve package the biggest corporate giveaway in American history, or vital help for working Americans and small businesses in a time of dire need? We welcome Susannah Dyen from Caring Across Generations to talk about the Texas Lt. Governor’s comments that grandparents would be willing to die to preserve America’s economy. We close by updating the latest on the troubled April 7th spring election,changes to election procedure imposed by a federal judge, and growing opposition to holding this election during a state lockdown, especially without an inclusive and accessible vote-by-mail system. Listen Now – Episode #535 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

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    • […] Remaining safer at home, the panel discuss COVID-19 and Citizen Action’s call for free treatment and other critical health care emergency actions needed to contain the pandemic. We dig into dysfunctional political situation in Wisconsin that is careening into a dangerous and anti-democratic election on April 7th. We urge listeners to get their absentee ballots in immediately and encourage everyone to remind friends, family and social networks to do the same. Finally, we dive into a conversation about healthcare workers being fired for speaking out about lack of proper gear and unsafe conditions. Listen Now – Episode #436 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

    • […] In this week’s episode we dig into the scandalous pandemic primary forced on Wisconsin voters by a conservative establishment that will stop at nothing to win. The panel also talks about the double gut punch Wisconsin progressives felt with the exodus of Bernie Sanders from the presidential contest. We close with a discussion of the next big big battle in Madison, the fight for a meaningful state response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen Now – Episode #437 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

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    • […] We welcome State Representatives Marisabel Caberea and Jonathon Brostoff to discuss their courageous votes against the very weak COVID-19 relief that clear the Legislature this week. Republicans in the Legislature blocked efforts to include free testing and treatment, a vital step we must take to contain the pandemic, address racial inequality, and open up the economy. The inadequate legislation was signed by Gov. Evers, who had tried to secure a mandate that health insurance companies not charge co-pays or co-insurnace fees for COVID 19 treatment. The plan also fails to limit cancellation of health coverage during the pandemic, which will increase the ranks of the uninsured. It also leaves in place insurance deductibles for testing, creating a dangerous barrier to finding out who in Wisconsin is infected. Listen Now – Episode #438 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

    • […] The GOP war on public health continues in Wisconsin with Republican legislative leaders appealing to the right-wing Wisconsin Supreme Court to overturn the Governor’s stay at home order and inciting dangerous protests at the state capitol scheduled for Friday. We welcome attorney Mark Thomsen, who specializes in medical malpractice and nursing home neglect, to discuss Speaker Vos’s repugnant amendment to COVID-19 relief legislation which makes it impossible to sue for any kind of nursing home abuse. The amendment was shamefully introduced on behalf of the WI Hospital Association, WI Medical Society, and WI Assisted Living Association. We close with a look at this fall’s state legislative elections and why they are so important to the healthy and prosperity of Wisconsin. Listen Now – Episode #439 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

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    • […] We review the latest Wisconsin coronavirus news, including the GOP lawsuit seeking to overturn the Governor’s Stay at Home order. Do the Republicans really have a case? The panel welcomes Up North News reporter Jonathon Sadowski to dig into the significant outbreak of COVID-19 in Brown County meat plants, the lax response from the corporate owners and county health officials, and Trump’s order to reopen infected packing plants nationwide. Supreme Court justice Dan Kelly announces he will unrecuse himself on the voter file purge case, and rule despite being fired by the voters. We also encourage everyone to request their absentee ballots for the primary and general elections, and if you live in the district the May 12th special election in the 7th Congressional District. Listen Now – Episode#440 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

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    • […] We discuss the damage the coronavirus is reaping, largely unmitigated by the federal government’s response, and the mounting reactionary/corporate pressure on state and local government to court disaster by prematurely scuttling social distancing. We review the shameful Wisconsin Supreme Court public hearing this week in the Vos-Fitzgerald lawsuit against Gov. Evers’ Stay at Home order. The tone and irrationality of the right-wing majority again embarrassed Wisconsin nationally, and revealed to the world a cabal of unethical politicians in robes masquerading as judges. We welcome Citizen Action co-op member Tricia Zunker to talk about her May 12th special election for the 7th Congressional District in Northern Wisconsin. We close with Citizen Action Northcentral WI Co-op sterering committee chair Don Dunphy, to discuss the Citizen Action grassroots campaign for Zunker, and the importance of joining a regional co-op to build progressive power. Listen Now – Episode #441 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

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    • […] We discuss the latest pandemic developments, including: a major study finds that 36,000 lives could have been saved if the US implemented mandatory social distancing earlier; Governor Evers’ moves over $1 billion in federal money to ramp up testing and tracing; and the state is now a patchwork of COVID-19 policies with some counties and municipalities lifting Safer at Home restrictions early. Robert briefs us on U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s new bill guaranteeing free COVID 19 testing and treatment to everyone in America by dramatically expanding Medicare. Next, we look at what is being done to expand voting opportunities in Wisconsin this fall. We close with a look at the growing strength of progressive talk radio in Wisconsin. Listen now – Episode #443 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

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    • […] Citizen Action’s JoAnna Bautch and Rafael Smith join the show to discuss the national uprising sparked by George Floyd’s murder. We talk about the inspiring outporing of social action in communities accross Wisconsin, led by young people, calling for police accountabilty, fundamental criminal justice reform, and racial justice, We also talk about initial stepping stone policies to stuctural reform such as shifting resources away from the publicly funded oppression of marginilized minority communities and investing in a just, antiracist, and humane system of public safety. Listen Now – Episode #445 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

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    • […] As America celebrates emancipation on Juneteenth Day 2020, our panel discusses the state and local responses to the Black Lives Matter movement, including the Milwaukee Common Council’s proposal to cut the police budget by 10% and Milwaukee Public School board’s move to remove police from the schools. We are also joined by State Representative Jonathan Brostoff to discuss shocking racism from elected officials and businesses in Menomonee Falls this week. Finally, we discuss two critical SCOTUS rulings, both major defeats for President Trump, on LGBTQ+ and immigrants’ rights. Do these surprising rulings throw cold water on the right’s plan to legislate through conservative judges? LISTEN NOW – EPISODE #447 Download Mp3 Press Clips […]

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    • […] We discuss the BLM movement that continues full steam ahead. We process the political response to the events in Madison this week, the latest outrageous statements by Supreme Court Chief Justice Patience Roggensack, and right-wing politicians and media outlets. We question whether any elected leaders are proposing the necessary structural reforms to move the ball on racial equity, as Wisconsin is a national leader on many major indicators of racial inequality. We also talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic spinning out of control in the south and west, and some disturbing indicators in Wisconsin. We close with a review of the new MU Law poll showing a growing lead for Biden, and vast differences between whites and black and brown people on policing. Listen Now – Episode #448 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

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    • […] The panel digs into the uncontrolled spread of COVID-19 in Wisconsin, now one of the worst 19 states in the country in containing the virus. How bad is it? What is the State Legislature, the Evers Administration, and local governments doing about it? As the federal cut-off of pandemic unemployment benefits looms, the panel discusses dissension in the ranks of the GOP, and the likely inadequate proposal they will make to the Democrats. We also look at the immense economic impact being inflicted on working Americans, and the disproportionate impact on communities of color. Will right-wing conservatives in The Senate and the White House get their act together, or will they unleash a historic wave of utility cut offs, hunger, evictions, and foreclosures? Listen Now – Episode #452 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

    • […] We discuss President Trump’s disturbing pronouncement that the 2020 election should be delayed because mail-in ballots will make it inaccurate and fraudulent. Trump’s statement comes on the heels of a cratering economy and complete absence of Republican leadership on extending desperately needed COVID relief. We celebrate the extension of the moratorium on utility shutoffs last week and thank the leadership of Citizen Action’s new North Side Rising organizing co-op. We welcome progressive State Assembly candidates Kristen Shelton and Josefine Jaynes to discuss their August 11th primary elections. LISTEN NOW – EPISODE #453 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

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    • […] We discuss the potential for a new COVID-19 relief package in Congress and the GOP conspiracy to get Kanye West on the presidential ballot in Wisconsin. Could it influence the outcome in November? We welcome Citizen Action endorsed State Representative candidates Supreme Moore-Omokunde and JoAnna Bautch to discuss their campaigns and next week’s important primary election on Tuesday, August 11th. Will they shake up the Democratic Party in Madison? We encourage you to volunteer with a candidate to help get out the vote. We close the show with Voces de la Frontera’s Christine Neumann-Ortiz and Mario Ramirez discussing their Friday 11am rally in support of fired Strauss workers in Franklin, and the importance of their statewide organizing campaign fighting for the rights of all “essential” workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen Now – Episode #454 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

    • […] We lead with the historic selection of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential candidate, the first African American women to ever appear on a major party ticket. Will it help Biden win in November? Is there any progressive unrest about the choice? We review Wisconsin’s partisan primary election this Tuesday, where progressives and many candidates of color swept a series of closely contested primaries. We focus in on Citizen Action co-op member Kristina Shelton’s huge victory in Green Bay and Citizen Action organizer Supreme Moore Omokunde’s win in Milwaukee. We discuss the latest MU Law Poll and a new WEAC Regon 7’s “Report Card” grading the opening plans of school districts in southeastern Wisconsin. Is your school district opening safely? Finally, we are joined by Citizen Action co-op member and state legislative candidate Emily Siegrist, to discuss her race and the rising prospects of Democratic pick ups in the previously deep red Milwaukee suburbs. Listen Now – Episode #455 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

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    • […] We discuss this week’s all digital DNC Convention – what worked and what didn’t? We break news about a legal effort by Legislative Republicans to remove Attorney General Josh Kaul from an important voting rights lawsuit involving Citizen Action. Again the Republican Legislature thinks it is the only true governing body in Wisconsin! Next we discuss the importance of the 100th year anniversary of the 19th Amendment. We close with Citizen Action Northeast WI co-op member Emily Tseffos, who joins us to talk about the effort to organize #SaveUSPS events across Wisconsin this Friday and Saturday. This is a critical fight both for this election and for the future health of American democracy. LISTEN NOW – EPISODE #456 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

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    • […] We are on tape from last week’s from the Democratic National Convention, in our long planned counter programming to the proto-fascist Republican National Convention. Will not be able to comment on the latest racist atrocity in Kenosha until next week (but links to our latest statements are below). For this week’s program, on radio row at the Democratic National Convention we taped 4 interviews about a central question for the future of racial justice, economic equality, and the future of the planet: will a future Biden Administration, if we can elect him, be boldly progressive? The alliance between Biden and Bernie Sanders on policy is a great sign, but there are huge challenges to making this alliance between moderates and progressives really happen after the election. We ask two moderates and two progressives for their views. We start the moderates, leading off with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, whose storied political career in state and national politics has made him a very well informed player within the Democratic Party. Next we talk to Jason Ray, the Secretary of the Democratic National Committee, who knows the inner workings of the party as well as anyone. Then, we talk to two progressives with national reputations. John Nichols the National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation, and one of the most prolific writers in the entire progressive media and a large following in his native Wisconsin. Finally George Goehl, Executive Director of People’s Action (Citizen Action’s national network), bats clean up on our powerhouse panel. George is one of the most respected and strategic progressives organizers in the country. Listen Now Download MP3 Press Clips […]

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    • […] We discuss the electoral politics of the Kenosha controversy and the push for meaningful action against structural racism with our regular panel and special guests Supreme Moore Omokunde and State Rep. David Bowen. How are the events of the last two weeks playing in the presidential election? Will they finally prompt action by the Legislature? We take a deep dive into the Trump Administration’s newly announced evictions moratorium. It is a rare humanitarian act from a callus administration or something else? We close with a discussion of the Wisconsin Department of Health Service’s new policy of suppressing public information on COVID-19 outbreaks in schools. What are the dangers? Why is a Democratic administration withholding vital public health information? Listen Now – Episode #457 Download MP3 Press Clips […]

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