Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, November 22nd

Citizen Action Weekly: Friday, November 22nd

Friday, November 22nd

Southwest Co-op Membership Recruitment Drive Update

The brand new Citizen Action Southwest Wisconsin Organizing Co-op is nearly fully formed!  We currently have 242 pledged members. There is still time to join. We want to activate every area activist who cares about creating a better Wisconsin!  If you are interested in learning more about Citizen Action contact Ben at 608-386-2847! Together we can create a better Wisconsin for the next generation.

Click here to complete your co-op membership.

Even though we are almost to our goal we want to mobilize everyone in Southwest Wisconsin that believes in a better tomorrow for Wisconsin.  Do you have friends or family members who believe in progressive change across the state? Lets get them involved! You can make a huge difference by hosting a small group meeting.  These meetings can take place at someone’s home, a coffee house, over a nice dinner or at the public library. All you have to do is get people to show up and Ben will give the presentation and take all questions.  If you think you can help turn out 3-8 people for a one hour meeting contact your co-op organizer, Ben Wilson, right away and let’s get one scheduled!

CAW Long Term Care members take Detroit! 

Karen Kirsch, Lynn Carey, and Rita Simon flew to Detroit to attend the annual field convening of Caring Across Generations. Caregivers, organizers, activists and the disabled community attended. It was a productive table with all perspectives and insights into the care-giving economy.

Families are facing catastrophic stress and financial burdens around their care-giving needs ranging from the cradle to their golden years. We agreed that the best way to solve this problem is to band together and push for a care infrastructure that we all deserve. It’s called Universal Family Care and it will be the New Green Deal of Care-giving. Now is the time to get on board as its the next big push in building a better society.

Why you should be involved? 

If you are struggling with logistics and paying for quality childcare?
If you are struggling with logistics and paying for quality in-home elder care?
If you work in any care capacity?
If you care about children? If you care about the disabled? If you care about the elderly?
You can read more about this big initiative here.

Contact [email protected]

Healthcare Leadership Team

We are looking for a few more members to join the leadership team that helps to steer the HealthCare Co-op. We meet once a month for an hour and then of course, you would help with events and issues as determined. Sometimes we work around the news cycle and sometimes we drive issues on our own but we are exclusively healthcare focused.

Contact [email protected]

Attend Citizen Action’s Annual Meeting, Saturday, December 7th, 1pm

The Citizen Action of Wisconsin Annual meeting will take place on Saturday, December 7th, the Washington Park Senior Center, 4420 W. Vliet St. Milwaukee.

Each regional organizing co-op will be having a meeting within their region at the same time,

We will connect with the meeting in Milwaukee to hear year in review from all the co-op, 2019 member awards, and then turn our meeting back to the regional co-ops. This meeting is open to non-members as well as members.

RSVP for Milwaukee
RSVP for Southwest co-op meeting

Citizen Action Northeast Organizing Co-op Annual Meeting and Strategy Session, December 7th @12PM

Join our organizing co-op as we gather for a membership social, an update on our statewide work in 2020, and a regional strategy session!

Citizen Action Organizing Co-op Informational Meeting, West Salem, Saturday, Nov. 23, 10:30am

Are you concerned about the way things are going in our country? Do you feel like you have lost your political power? Do you want to do more to fight climate change? Do you want to help create well paying, skilled union jobs right here in our area? Do you care about making sure everyone in Wisconsin has healthcare? Join Citizen Action for our upcoming event!

Come and learn about how you can get involved in a true progressive movement dedicated to creating real change in the Driftless region.

This is a great opportunity to learn how you can be a part of our organizing co-op.

West Salem, November 23rd, 10:30am
Village of West Salem Hazel Brown Leicht Memorial Library
201 Neshonoc Rd.

“Green New Deal in Sconnie” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

After an impeachment discussion and analysis of the new MU law Poll, we are joined by Milwaukee County Supervisor Supreme Moore-Omokunde to discuss Milwaukee’s new joint County/City task force to address climate change and economic equity. The task force starts the process of developing a concrete plan to use the leverage of local government to restructure the local fossil fuel-based economy and reorganize it to dramatically reduce the shocking racial inequality that plagues Milwaukee.

To get involved in the MKE climate and equity campaign contact: [email protected]

Next MKE Climate Task force Meeting
Tuesday, November 26th; 2pm
Milwaukee City Hall #301B

Listen Now – Episode #418

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