“Historic Political Week” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

“Historic Political Week” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss this historic week that included the anticlimactic conclusion of the Trump impeachment trial, the State of the Union reality TV show, and the epic data problem at the Iowa Caucus. We also review Trump’s new plan to gut Medicaid through a block grant program and Vos’ possible softening on a GOP redistricting fight in 2021. We welcome state representative Jonathan Brostoff to discuss his legislation to phase out state funding of private voucher schools to fund a guaranteed 18:1 class sizes in all public schools.

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Trump’s scary, nihilistic State of the Union.
Wisconsin Democrat Baldwin says Senate acquittal is putting Trump ‘above the law’.
Trump acquitted, despite one GOP defector.
What went wrong in Iowa?
Wisconsin’s Democratic governor calls Iowa caucuses a form of voter suppression.
Eau Claire lawmaker proposes phasing out voucher system.
Dueling voucher views: Pence to attend rally as lawmaker demands end to Wisconsin programs.

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