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Citizen Action Weekly: Friday June 26th

Friday, June 26th

Citizen Action announces more State Legislative Endorsements

Citizen Action is proud to announce more State Legislative candidate endorsements for the 2020 Fall elections. All endorsed candidates completed a Citizen Action questionnaire and interview with a local co-op steering committee. Final endorsement votes were made by Citizen Action’s statewide board.

There will be more State Legislative candidate endorsements next month.

Senate District 6: LaTonya Johnson (City of Milwaukee)
Senate District 8: Neal Plotkin (City of Milwaukee and northern suburbs)
Senate District 14: Joni Anderson (Waupaca, Waushara, Green Lake, Marquette, Columbia, and Dodge Counties)
Assembly District 3: Emily Voight (East Appleton and Calumet County)
Assembly District 4: Kathy Hinkfus (Western suburban Green Bay)
Assembly District 9: Marisabel Cabrera (City of Milwaukee)
Assembly District 15: Jessica Katzenmeyer (West Allis, New Berlin, and Brookfield)
Assembly District 17: Supreme Moore-Omokunde (City of Milwaukee)
Assembly District 23: Deb Andraca (Milwaukee North shore suburbs)
Assembly District 26: Mary Lynne Donohue (South Sheboygan County)
Assembly District 28: Kim Butler (Polk and Burnett Counties)
Assembly District 30: Sarah Yocoub (St. Croix County)
Assembly District 35: Tyler Ruprecht (Lincoln and Langlade County)
Assembly District 51: Kriss Marion (Green, Lafayette, Iowa, Richland Counties)
Assembly District 68: Emily Berge (Eau Claire and Clark Counties)
Assembly District 88: Kristin Lyerly (Eastern suburban Green Bay)
Assembly District 93: Charlie Warner (Eau Claire, Pepin and Pierce Counties)
Assembly District 94: Steve Doyle (LaCrosse suburban and surrounding area)
Assembly District 96: Josefine Jaynes (Crawford, Vernon and Monroe counties)

Request your absentee ballot today!

Attend a BLM event near you this weekend!

Checkout list of events in Wisconsin.

We will be attempting to post as many events on our facebook page. Please check our page for events near you. Citizen Action facebook page.

Also, check with your regional organizer about events in your region. 

Attend virtual town hall o n Jobs creation with U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Tuesday July 8th at 11 AM

Citizen Action of Wisconsin will be hosting a major statewide Town Hall, hosted virtually over Zoom, with Senator Tammy Baldwin on July 8th.  This very special event will outline what we can do to create millions of jobs AND expand the federal unemployment benefit through the end of 2020.

Please RSVP for this event here.  The Zoom link will be sent to your email after you RSVP.

CALL TO ACTION: Send an email to your representatives in the Senate and the House to let them know you support creating millions of jobs.

In order to create jobs and secure federal employment we need to make our voice heard in Washington.  Our leaders in Congress need to hear from us NOW.  Please take a moment to use this link to send an email directly to your representatives in the US Senate and the House of Representatives letting them know you support the creation of federally subsidized jobs and an expansion of the federal unemployment benefits. It only takes a minute to email your representatives directly.

Attend virtual listening session of the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change.

Wisconsin has fallen behind other states in addressing climate change. A state task force is advising the Governor on strategies the state can take to fight global warming.

You can be part of this efforts to move Wisconsin forward by attending or speaking at one of the 5 scheduled public hearings. Let our leaders know how we can make our state a healthier, safer, and more sustainable place to live. The first listening sessions of the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change drew in more than 200 members of the public who expressed a lot of passion for the issue.

There are 4 more scheduled online hearings:

  • June 27, 12-3pm
  • July 7th, 6-9pm
  • July 9th, 6-9pm
  • July 15th, 6-9pm

For more information, contact the co-op organizer at [email protected]

Attend La Crosse area Green New Deal press conference on Tuesday, June 30th

Citizen Action of Wisconsin Drfitless co-op will be hosting an in-person press conference in La Crosse on June 30th at 12:00 noon about federal job creation, the need for a “Green New Deal”, and the need to extend the $600 a week federal unemployment benefits.  This event will be held outside, with masks required, with social distancing strictly enforced and all COVID19 prevention measures in place.  Special guest speakers include Citizen Action executive director Robert Kraig, state legislator Steve Doyle and Lauren Journot from La Crosse YWCA.  We are looking for 5-10 Citizen Action members to join us on site to hold signs and show support.

Please use this RSVP link if you are interested in joining us for this important action of action.

CITY OF LA CROSSE RESIDENTS please let the city know that you support expanding voting access in the age of COVID-19

Voting should never be a choice between protecting your health and making your voice heard.  Citizen Action of Wisconsin is committed to ensuring that elections are safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.  That is why we have partnered with Wisconsin Conservation Voters, The League of Women Voters, NextGEN, and Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin to launch a major effort to expand voting options in the City of La Crosse.  Here is what we are asking of the city:

Provide at least three secure absentee ballot drop boxes throughout the city;

  1. Strive to identify, prepare, and maintain the standard number of polling locations. At a minimum, the city should have at least seventy-five percent of an average election’s total number of polling locations open for Election Day;
  2. Develop and enact a plan for the recruitment and retention of poll workers to be made available to the public;
  3. Identify, prepare, and maintain suitable areas for drive through voting for both early and same day voting.
  4. Ensure that every in-person polling location has functional curbside voting as required by state statute;

You can help right now by filling out this simple form to send an email directly to Mayor Kabat, the Deputy City Clerk and the City Clerk to let them know you demand expanding voter access to protect your community’s health and to protect democracy.

Make your voice heard directly RIGHT NOW.  For those of you outside the city of La Crosse thank you for your support but this form is intended for folks who live in La Crosse. If you have friends or family in La Crosse PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE.

LA CROSSE COUNTY RESIDENTS let the county board know that you support 100% clean, renewable energy

The climate crisis is threatening our world.  The effects are hitting the Coulee Region especially hard.  In the past two years we have seen four area counties each become FEMA disaster flood zones four times.  The impacts of climate change are affecting our local health, economy, property values, tourism and safety.  Let your elected leaders in La Crosse county know that we need to ACT NOW to protect our planet and your local area for future generations.

Very soon the La Crosse County Board of Supervisors will be voting on a commitment for all our La Crosse county communities to use 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050.  La Crosse will have the chance to join Wisconsin counties like Eau Claire and counties across the nation in standing up for environmental justice.  This resolution will lay out tools, a timeline and a road map for this transition to a green future in the Coulee Region.  We need to make our voices heard NOW to let out county board supervisors know that we support 100% clean, renewable energy in La Crosse County.

Please take a moment to use this link to sign our petition showing your support for clean, renewable energy in La Crosse County.  After you sign you will be direct to a page that will let you email the county board directly to tell them that you support a cleaner La Crosse county and a green future.

Future generations are counting on us to take action now!  Please do your part by signing this petition and emailing your county board supervisor to let them know that you believe a better, greener future is possible!

If you are outside of La Crosse County PLEASE SHARE THIS THIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

Northwestern WI Co-op General Party Meeting – July 11, 2020 at 10:00am

Join us on Zoom on July 11, 2020 at 10am for a gathering of our Northwestern Wisconsin Co-op members!

We will be discussing what we have done so far this year, where we are heading, and what Citizen Action is doing for the 2020 elections.

Register in advance here for your Zoom link.

Fair Maps WI Update From North Central Co-op

Late last year, due to an overwhelming amount of interest around the state, on the Fair Maps (ending partisan gerrymandering) issue, and the need for a more organized, nonpartisan effort, a summit was held in Marshfield. An Organizer, named Carlene Bechen was hired to help work with leaders and community members across the state, to help them accomplish their goals around Fair Maps. Citizen Action, and it’s members have supported the Fair Maps efforts from the beginning, and we continue to support this work, often times, with our members playing an active role in various parts of the state. Chrysa Ostenso has served on the Steering Committee for the Citizen Action of WI North Central Organizing Co-op since 2017, and is very active with other groups in her community. She has been involved with Fair Maps WI since their inception, and is happy to report that in Rusk County, their Board of Supervisors voted to put a Fair Maps referendum on their November ballot! This passed with a 14-2 vote, with 3 Supervisors absent. Thank you to everyone who is working to make this happen. There are efforts going on in other parts of the state as well, and the NC region. If you would like to get more involved in this work, check out Fair Maps WI, and get connected with Carlene and others doing this great work!

Endorsement Interviews Underway in North Central

This Sunday, the North Central Organizing Co-op’s Steering Committee will be conducting their second round of interviews, of candidates running throughout the NC region. During the first round, they interviewed Tyler Ruprecht, who is the Democratic candidate running in the 35th Assembly District. We have a significant number of members in his district, which encompasses Merrill and Tomahawk (in Lincoln County). This is a pivot district, meaning that they voted for Obama, but then voted for Trump in 2016. They also interviewed Jeff Johnson, who is a candidate for Assembly District 85. He has a primary challenger, Aaron LaFave. The candidates being interviewed this Sunday, are 12th Senate District candidate Ed Vocke, 24th Senate District candidate Paul Piotrowski, and 69th Assembly District candidate Brian Giles. These interviews are open to all members in this region, so please reach out to your Organizer, Joel Lewis if this interests you. His email is [email protected] and his phone number is 715-551-2525

Citizen Action in the News

Citizen Action’s Robert Kraig was on the Jeff Santos Radio Show to talk about how a true power sharing arrangement between progressives and moderates could sweep Trump out of office and set Joe Biden up to be a great president.

Press Clips

“Protest, pandemic and polls” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

We discuss the BLM movement that continues full steam ahead. We process the political response to the events in Madison this week, the latest outrageous statements by Supreme Court Chief Justice Patience Roggensack, and right-wing politicians and media outlets. We question whether any elected leaders are proposing the necessary structural reforms to move the ball on racial equity, as Wisconsin is a national leader on many major indicators of racial inequality. We also talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic spinning out of control in the south and west, and some disturbing indicators in Wisconsin. We close with a review of the new MU Law poll showing a growing lead for Biden, and vast differences between whites and black and brown people on policing.

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