“Driftless Wisconsin” Battleground Wisconsin Podcast

Another week, another set of record COVID-19 infections, deaths, and hospitalizations in Wisconsin. Will the do-nothing Republican Legislature start doing its job at this moment of great peril, or is undermining Governor Tony Evers all they care about? We discuss the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett, who has been the most evasive Supreme Court nominee in modern history. She would not even commit on the right to birth control, or that climate change is a threat, let alone Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act. Robert talks about the civil rights violations by Wauwatosa Police in their outrageous and discriminatory response to peaceful protesters. Finally, we are joined by State Assembly candidates Kriss Marion and Shaun Murphy-Lopez who are challenging Republican incumbents in the Driftless region of the state.

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Show Links:

Judge blocks Gov. Tony Evers’ order limiting indoor gatherings at some businesses.
City-County Climate Equity Goals Are Big.
Wauwatosa residents decry ‘militarized occupation’ of their community.

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